The science fiction series that people began to watch en masse after ‘Lost’ and captivated critics but was mercilessly canceled

It was the year 2009 and the series phenomenon was in full swing with ‘Lost’ in the front row, so the promising ‘Flashforward’ was opening at the best moment. But expectations turned against him.


It’s been a long time since television series showed that they could be much more than mere home entertainment, always in the shadow of productions for the big screen and they became a true phenomenon among the spectators. Thus, about 20 years ago now, some television productions began to take the world by storm and, as a result of word of mouth, ended up being authentic obsessions among the audience and receiving attention and praise that previously were more typical of the ‘blockbuster’ of the day, but never of a series that could be seen from the armchair of your house.

With time in between, productions multiplied, budgets increased and this was noticeable in quality, more people jumped on the bandwagon of the seriéphile phenomenon and, ultimately, the platforms arrived to completely revolutionize the way in which it was consumed. television fiction to the point of ending up producing a paradigm shift in the film industry. But, before all that happened, the phenomenon began to take off thanks to some titles that now seem very far away but that played an important roleWhat lost.

and such and As usually happens with any phenomenon, when the thing is over, we quickly want to have a substitute. After losteither lost as most of her fans called her, a host of other hit series would follow and, although not all of them became world hits, it is increasingly difficult to list without forgetting any. However, there was a series in 2009 that, released just when lost He faced his final stretch, many found it shared enough with the famous story set on the island to be considered as its potential successor.

Of course, even if you experienced the phenomenon lost First hand, you may not remember it, since the truth is that it was completely forgotten. In 2009 a fiction called flashforward which was received with great expectation and with open arms by the public, providing astronomical audience data to ABC, its original chain and also responsible for the broadcast of lost.

flashforward had as its title one of the technical narrative characteristics that lost used to build his numerous and unforgettable ‘plot twist’, It was -like Lost- a science fiction series, it had among its ranks one of the actors who had played a beloved character on the island -Dominic Monaghan- and it came at a time when we were eager to add such exciting new experiences like the one you were giving us lost.

Definitely, flashforward was the successor of lost in capital letters and in his favor he also played that he had a really promising premise. Their starting point: a mysterious event that has caused almost every person on the planet to lose consciousness simultaneously for 137 seconds, during which time they have had a vision of their own life approximately six months in the future. A global ‘flashforward’ that the FBI is determined to find answers to and that seems likely to happen again, as we learn about some people’s individual stories and how their vision has affected their lives.

The series premiered on ABC with a whopping 12.47 million viewers, numbers that now seem like a dream, and was also met with great praise from critics, who praised how entertaining and engaging it was and how the hooking capacity it had. However, after a break in its broadcast -although it is very common in the American public channels there are-, the audiences began to drop significantly. Interest decreased for no apparent reason and, although the average for the first season was 8.5 million viewers and that would now be a success, at the time it was not good enough for the alphabet network, which mercilessly canceled it.

Unfortunately, the series team, which was led by Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer, hadn’t anticipated this and he had finished the first season with a gigantic ‘cliffhanger’ completely focused on there being a second installment. A tragic outcome for the most faithful fans of fiction who even tried to mobilize to change the chain’s mind but, at that time, Netflix “the savior” did not exist, they did not succeed.

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The science fiction series that people began to watch en masse after ‘Lost’ and captivated critics but was mercilessly canceled

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