The secrets and hidden details of Super Mario Bros The Movie

The trailer for Super Mario Bros The Movie is full of secrets, winks, curiosities and hidden details. We hunt them all!

Yes, we too have been amazed by the first Super Mario Bros The Movie trailerespecially because of the many secrets, curiosities, references and hidden details that it hides. We have analyzed all its stills and its promotional poster, and we have compiled the 15 hidden details of the film that surely you have overlooked.

15 details and curiosities of Super Mario Bros The Movie

As usual, you can see All the curiosities, secrets and hidden details of the Super Mario Bros The Movie trailer in the video which we leave you below. You can also continue to read them together with the pictures what we leave You have all the facilities in the world!

Do you prefer the text version then? Well, keep reading, we have 15 great details and references that have been hidden both in the video and in the first official poster of the film, and you are going to love them especially the most fans of the plumber.

Toad and the nod to Super Mario Odyssey

Toad appears as Mushroom Kingdom guide for Super Mario. Basically the same thing he does in almost every game. Although this Toad looks like a traveler, because he carries a backpack with some pins that we have been able to distinguish by zooming in on the official poster of the film. We can see that one of them is from Kingdom of the Sands of super mario odyssey, the Mario game for Nintendo Switch. Another corresponds to Kingdom of the Falls with his T-Rex and finally one of the mushroom kingdom. In super mario odysseythese images appear as stickers.

Bowser’s Castle from Paper Mario

We all thought that the Super Mario movie was going to be presented with Mario himself and it turns out not. that he does it with Bowser, his greatest enemy. This character is mounted on a floating castle that he uses as a weapon, and is nailed to many of the Mario games. Specifically, we have found a greater resemblance to those we saw in the games of the saga Paper Mariowith their spiked balls dangling and all.

Luigi’s Mansion, The Movie

The video ends with luigi’s presentationMario’s brother, who far from being calm and relaxed having a cup of tea is fleeing terrified from a bunch of Little Bones that are chasing you. This part of the trailer has a much more terrifying atmosphere than the rest of the video, and is a clear reference to how scared Luigi is and his video game saga. Luigi’s Mansion. You have the third game on Nintendo Switch, so check it out.

The not so mystery of Peach

Princess Peach’s castle can be seen at the bottom of the hill in the Mushroom Kingdom, but Peach herself has not appeared in the video. Don’t worry, because we have the first images captured by a paparazzi of the princess at McDonald’s. Well, it may not be quite so. In a promotional flyer for the film, we can see the new look that Peach will have in the film. What do you think? What is cute?

Mario’s hidden enemies

It has not been possible to see much of Super Mario himself beyond his arrival in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in that short piece we have been able to verify that he is going to meet some old acquaintances from his adventures. On one hand we have the wilts, like some ladybugs but with bad grapes. When the camera moves away we can see the river, and of course, in it we can see some Cheep Cheepthe classic fish of Super Mario Bros.

The penguins and the reference to a Mario power-up

Penguins in Super Mario don’t usually throw snowballs. That is why it may have surprised some that those who face Bowser throw everything they can at him. Actually, this attack refers to the Super Mario Penguin costume from the game series New Super Mario Bros.which in addition to allowing him to slide, also allows him to throw a kind of ice balls to freeze enemies.

Not all mushrooms are good

Super Mario mushrooms are good, but not all of them. Actually there are some like purple, which take a life from mario (hence Toad’s warning). The blue ones don’t give a very good feeling either, that’s why the Toad warns Mario not to touch it, alluding in turn to the mini mushroom that turns Mario into Mini Mario and makes him lighter but very vulnerable. Beware of cold-colored mushrooms, which cause indigestion.

Classic powers for sale!

Of all the secrets and hidden details in Super Mario Bros The Movie, this is one of the most nostalgic. In the promotional poster for the movie there are a lot of power-ups and objects that you will recognize from the Mario games:

  • Tanooki’s outfit and music box from Mario Bros 3.
  • The Boomerang flower from Mario 3D Land.
  • A mushroom of the classics.
  • The feathers that appear in Super Mario World that allow us to glide.
  • Pixelated feline bell from 3D World.

Furthermore, we can also find objects like the POW blocka key, a chest and the castle end ax of the classic Super Mario Broswhich we had to touch to break the ground and Bowser fell directly into the lava.

Super Mario 64-style cannons

We go to the heights because it seems that, at some point, Mario will fly through the air through this cannon. Surely, if you have played Super Mario 64, you will recognize it, because it was in some phases to help us reach somewhat inaccessible places. All nostalgic. Now you just need to the hat with wings appears.

A throwback to another Mario movie

The Super Mario Bros The Movie logo has a very endearing nod to the original live-action Super Mario movie. If you look closely, only the words Mario Bros. are colored, while the rest is in metallic color, as printed on a plate. In the same way, the original logo of the first Super Mario movie was made. However, this one looks better.

The Mario Party minigame

The penguins from Super Mario help him, but they annoy him too. In the Super Mario Bros movie it seems that they will be on the side of the good guys, and we see them attacking Bowser like a stampede, all at once. If this sounds like something to you, you have done your homework for Nintendo well, because it even has its own minigame in some titles of the series mario partywith a bunch of penguins stampeding.

Yoshi, don’t hide!

Something appears on the movie poster that will surely make you very excited: a yoshi egg more or less hidden in a shop window, as if implying the character will appear at some point in the movie. I wish!

Yes, they are the penguins from Super Mario 64

More penguins around here, in this case going back to its origin in Nintendo 64 and the frozen mountain. In that game the penguins were much bigger, at least the adults, although they still had a lot of bad blood. Especially when we threw the babies off the cliff.

End of Stage Castles

As if they were ranges, in Super Mario Bros there are different types of castles of phase. In half of the worlds there are medium castles, like the ones that appeared at the end of the normal phases of Super Mario Bros. We can see one of those on a hill when Mario arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom. There are also the boss castlesmuch larger and more challenging, which seem cmatch the one Luigi meets at the end of the trailer.

A plot of which we know more than it seems

Bowser Musical Movie Super Mario Bros

It seems that the plot of the film was revealed a few months ago, running like wildfire on the internet. We will not make spoilers, but we can tell you that this story will be a kind of musical which will tell the beginning of the story of Super Mario, when he wasn’t Super and he was just Mario. For this we have to go back to the classic video games of Wrecking Crew Y Donkey Kong. In fact, the latter is confirmed to appear in the film, we understand that before Mario reaches the Mushroom Kingdom. Other classic Mario characters would appear that we are not going to reveal to you, but we can tell you that Daisy would not be on the tape, although she would be in some way.

Do you want to know more about the plot? Next, we leave a link with all the details of one of the worst kept secrets of Super Mario Bros The Movie.

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Possible plot of the Super Mario movie: a different musical

Update: Very soon we will clear up doubts. Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct: The Super Mario Bros. Movie in which it will offer new details of the film and show its first trailer. If you want to know the date and time of broadcast, we provide you with a link with all the information below: Noticia original: Beware of this! … Continued

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The secrets and hidden details of Super Mario Bros The Movie

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