The Superman of the future, from the 853rd century, is much more powerful than the original Man of Steel

Kal Kent Redefines Clark Kent’s Powers Showing How Powerful Superman Could Be

The future superman from DC redefines the iconic powers of the original Man of Steel and represents how far into the future the character could go. Kal Kentthe Man of Tomorrow from the 853rd century, has many more powers than Clark Kent. From super strength to flight to X-ray vision, Superman’s power set has been expanding over time, but his descendant from the far future beats him to it with his 10 super senses.

The powers of this Superman are not just a call to the stories of the Silver Age of DC Comicsbut are also emblematic of the true potential of Iron Man as character. What Clark can look like and what he can do is only defined by the limits of a writer’s or artist’s imagination.

‘DC One Million’ is a 1998 crossover that imagines what the heroes of the DC Universe would look like in the 853rd century, theoretically when DC published its millionth comic. With the threats to the future created in the present, the heroes of the 853rd century call for the current JLA to help save both time periods. The story mainly focuses on the Alpha Justice Legionthe analog to the current Justice League of America, which includes its own version of the Man of Tomorrow, Kalwhich reveals that Clark it is the model that all supers from the near future to the 853rd century have been inspired by. At the beginning of the story, the differences between the two become very evident.

In the ‘DC One Million #1 of Grant Morrison Y Val Semeiks, it is revealed that Kal has a much broader set of powers than contemporary Superman, and that it harkens back to some lesser-known classic powers. Kal reveals to Clark that he has 10 brand new senses, passed down to him after the 67th century Superman married Gzntplzk, the Queen of the Fifth Dimension.

Kal is more powerful than Clark

The only concrete new power shown to readers, Kal’s Super-ESP, dates back to the Man of Tomorrow’s use of hypnosis in the Silver Age. This era, which refers to comics from the mid-1950s to the 1970s, was famous for expanding the powers of Superman in new and wacky directions.

The Man of Steel developed new powers to serve whatever plot was taking place. Morrison has commented in the past that Superman’s greatest power is that he can do literally anything and save anyone. Throughout his tenure as writer of various incarnations of the character, the author has been constantly interested in taking Superman’s abilities to new heights.

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The Superman of the future, from the 853rd century, is much more powerful than the original Man of Steel

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