The terrible sanction that ‘Superman’ López could suffer for ‘the Maynar case’; His career is in serious jeopardy

The sports present of Miguel Ángel ‘Superman’ López is not the best and everything indicates uncertainty, after the Astana Qazaqstan Team decided to terminate his contract and remove him from the team because he would have new evidence linking him to Marcos Maynar, investigated for the Ilex case about a sports doping network.

The Astana Qazaqstan Team discovered new elements that show the probable connection of Miguel Ángel López with Dr. Marcos Maynar. Consequently, the team had no other solution than to terminate the contract between the team and the rider, based on breaches of said contract and the team’s internal rules, effective immediately,” the statement last Monday read.

What’s more, on Tuesday it was learned that the Colombian cyclist could “have received a dose of menotropin, a growth hormone analogue that favors the increase in muscle mass and the elimination of fluids,” according to the Spanish media. abc. This would have happened before the “start of the last Giro d’Italia in Hungary”.

This Spanish medium revealed that “the menotropin would have been indicated by Dr. Maynar and sent to Hungary, where it would have allegedly been received by Vicente Belda García, the son of former director Vicente Belda who works as an Astana masseur.”

“’Supermán’ López received an injection of menotropin that caused inflammation in his leg. And that, as a result of the ailment that caused him, he had to withdraw from the Giro just before the climb to Etna, where he had hopes of victory ”, he adds abc about the information that is under investigation and the reason for the abandonment of the Colombian cyclist from the competition on May 15.

In the midst of the controversy that has been generated by this new case, this Wednesday the daily Brand announced that, “in theory, for consumption, the Colombian cyclist would receive a two-year sanction, but “In the event that consumption and trafficking are demonstrated, ‘it could be for life'”according to information revealed by a source from the Spanish media.

“Even if it does not test positive and it is only a judicial case, the sanction could be the same as that of the Armstrong case. But first it is necessary for the judicial process to be developed, for the UCI to accept and, the sanction would fall on the Colombian federation ”, indicates this medium.

The case of ‘Superman’ López, as well as that of Nairo Quintana with tramadol, “could end up in the TAS (Tribunal de Arbitraje Deportivo)”.

The response of ‘Supermán’ López

Miguel Ángel López himself decided to respond in the same way to the team, assuring that his departure was “unjustified” and rejects “any statement that damages his name.” With this controversy that came from before the Tour of Spain, the boyacense responded by showing that it was a routine check, supported by the version of the Spanish Civil Guard, which corroborated what the cyclist had said and allowed him to return to activity with his team, which he represented in a great way in the Iberian round between August and September.

Official statement:

“Today, the decision of the Astana Qazaqstan team to terminate the contract that linked the cyclist Miguel Ángel López with it, a contract that had been renewed in November 2022, for the 2023 season, has been publicly communicated.”

The cyclist Mr. Miguel Ángel López considers this decision absolutely unjustified, there being no new fact that justifies it “and that he was unknown in November 2022 by the Astana team, rejecting any insinuation that harms his name and honor as a professional cyclist, and recalling that during his career he has never tested positive for any doping substance or has even been subject to investigation by the competent authorities.

Mr. Miguel Ángel López informs that he will exercise all the legal actions that assist him in defense of his rights, in view of what he understands to be a clear case of abusive dismissal and without just cause”.

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The terrible sanction that ‘Superman’ López could suffer for ‘the Maynar case’; His career is in serious jeopardy

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