The time Flash and Superman competed through Colombia

It is normal to see that in the world of superheroes the typical American cities of great repercussion are mentioned, such as New York, Washington, San Francisco, among other large cities, to introduce the reader and the viewer to a chaotic environment in which the great skyscrapers and historical monuments are the protagonists.

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But did you know that two iconic superheroes once passed through Colombia? It turns out that on June 10, 1967, DC Comics launched the race of the century, one of the first competitions between Superman and the Flash, which turned heads in the 199th edition of the franchise.

Superman Earth One- volume 2

The challenge was to determine who was the fastest character in the entire Justice League. To do this they decided to test themselves by going around the world with their superpowers. Both put the rules of the game on the table, so the countries chosen for this purpose were: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Thailand, China, Mexico and Colombia, where they passed through the department of Tolima, as highlighted in the text. .

At the moment of crossing ‘pijao’ territory, they had to surround a volcano of ‘Kryptonite’, the historical weakness of the ‘man of steel’, so it generated a great feeling of weakening in this section of the journey; however, he was able to overcome and get the race forward.

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fair competition

The competition was of such magnitude that the world found out and began to issue headlines that caused rivalry between the fans of both characters.. The comic book mafia, for example, moved their chips and the bets skyrocketed, therefore, false news became frequent on the front pages in order to favor the interests of ‘x or y’ criminal group.

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The series ‘The Flash’ has a circuit of fans around the world.

Despite what was happening in the big cities, only Flash and Superman knew how they were carrying out their strategies in the race, because although it was a very demanding competition, They were never seen acting in bad faith using their qualities to take advantage.

At one point in the race, Flash fell into a deep pit and Superman came back to help him and continue the fight.

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Finally, so that neither side of the mafia won the bets, the members of the Justice League: Green Lantern, Batman, Falcon and Martian Manhunter, decide to make a technical tie.

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The time Flash and Superman competed through Colombia

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