The video that shows how the filming of ‘Zorro’ has dirty the coast of Gran Canaria

‘Zorro’ is one of the new Amazon Prime Video projects, where we will see a modern version of Diego de la Vega, played by Michael Bernardeau. The filming of the series will take place in different areas of Las Palmas, Arucas, Gáldar, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Telde, the Nublo protected natural area, the Caldera de Tejeda and the Sioux City theme park. Being recordings in natural spaces, the production should respect the environment, something that, in some cases, seems not to be happening. A Twitter user, named Ernesto Santana, denounced this November 23 that on the coast of Arucas (Gran Canaria), filming has left multiple residues and remains of the set, dirtying and contaminating the natural environment of the coast.

The tweeter has shared two videos through his profile where he shows how the coast of Arucas has been after the passage of Amazon Prime Video and the production company Secuoya Studios, in charge of filming ‘Zorro’. Ernesto explains that he had gone to the place to enjoy the sunset and see the Indian village that they had set up for the filming which, according to him, was still standing a week ago. However, upon arrival he did not find the town, but rather its remains, distributed throughout the area.

In these videos we can see the remains of the decoration that made up the Indian village, with waste from different materials, such as various remains of plastic, plaster, wood and even the remains of a campfire. “As you can see, everything is a fucking mess. And, although I see that there are two containers in which they are collecting the rubble, I find it hard to believe that, over time, this is going to stay as it was, “ explains Ernest.

Ernesto has commented that his video is intended to show how they have left the area and function as a complaint about the situation. Also, the user has indicated that he will return in a month, to check if they have cleaned it or, on the contrary, if they leave it all dirty and full of residues. “Let’s see if they leave everything as it was because, really, what they have left here is fucking disgusting. In other words, they have turned the area into a dump.”

“I wasn’t like this when they arrived”

Today, November 24, Ernesto has uploaded a new video commenting on the situation. He was supposed to return in a month, but he had to return to take some pictures, so he took advantage of the impact of yesterday’s video to update the information. As he shows us, they have taken the containers and it seems that they have cleaned the largest waste that was in the area, such as the remains of the booths. However, as Ernesto tells us, there are still residues and remains of materials on the coast of Arucas. “A day later, a lot of work has been done, yes, but this was not even remotely like this when they arrived, and it is not how it should stay, the truth”comments the tweeter.

As we can see in the video, Although they have collected much of the garbage and waste, there is still a lot of material left, such as plastic scraps or rubble, things that, as Ernesto denounces, were not there before the shooting, and should not be after.

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The video that shows how the filming of ‘Zorro’ has dirty the coast of Gran Canaria

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