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Analyzing different articles and investigations in relation to the current demand for programmers in the market, a vertiginous increase in them is evident, mainly in the United States, where for several years they have been promoting talent in the area of ​​programming from very diverse countries, which They don’t even speak English. The demand is so high that the most prosperous countries such as the USA, England and Germany have hired technological talent that has increased its value by more than 350%.

But the problem of this phenomenon is exacerbated in countries that cannot pay large sums of money to attract these talents, as is the case with LATAM. Here the figures are worrying and the projections show that what is coming in the coming years is becoming more complex every day, since the greater demand will produce price inflation that will only allow solvent companies to be able to hire technological talent.

A study carried out by the gamification technology company Nawaiam revealed that Latin America, despite high market demand, has a shortage of programmers.

In Ecuador, for example, there is a deficit of 9,000 programmers a year, while in Chile it is 5,000 and in Peru 17,000. Likewise, the Colombian Society of Engineers assures that there is a lack of 80,000 professionals to cover the demand in the country.

Truly alarming figures, especially if we contrast them with those of the specialized firm IDC, which indicates that LATAM grew 8.5% in the information technology market in 2021, and this year it will reach 9.4%.

However, the study “Stack it up” by Experis, which indicates that 48% of the companies surveyed have accelerated their digitization and also shows that Colombia has 34% of higher education graduates from these fields, ranking below Chile ( 45%), Mexico (42%) and Argentina (41%), despite the fact that, according to the Colombian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the country’s ICT sector currently creates more than 370,000 jobs.

In Uruguay, meanwhile, the sector has an unattended demand for 5,000 technicians, a number that has increased recently, according to the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies. Likewise, Brasscom reports that in Brazil it is expected that by 2025 there will be a demand for 797,000 professionals in information technology, and details that currently 53,000 people are trained per year for the sector, but the market has an annual need of 159,000 professionals.

If we analyze these figures, it is clear that little attention has been given to this issue, and globalization is seen as the solution to this problem thanks to countries that are much more advanced in technological talent resources. Especially in India, where for decades its specialization in mathematics and IT talent development have made it the country that could allow lower costs and meet the demanding global demand for professionals in the area.

Sebastian Jaramillo Bossi.

CEO and Founder of Kuick

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The worrying deficit of technological talent in Latin America | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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