There is already a date for Marvel’s ‘Blade’ with Mahershala Ali and it is closer than you imagine

Good news for the fervent — and there are legions — fans of Blade. The new film version of the Marvel antihero starring Mahershala Ali already has a date to start filming. Or at least, it is suggested Production Listing in his new update on the subject. According to the website dedicated to news about filming progress on location, Blade It would begin shooting on July 4. Or at least, his principal photography which will include some sequences in locations ranging from Atlanta to New Orleans.

It is a much closer date than those that have been rumored for a few weeks. Several insiders suggested that filming could start in the last week of July or, in any case, in the first week of August. But the update makes it clear that Marvel Studios is determined to give the project a definitive boost, about which little was known in recent years. Notably, there was an appreciable pause since the announcement in 2019.

But the mandatory stoppage of the pandemic, in addition to some calendar changes, delayed the production of Blade for almost three years. However, last year there were some movements of interest around production. For one thing, actor Mahershala Ali’s voice was heard in the post-credits scene of eternal by Chloe Zhao. Which apparently links directly to the character of Dane Whitman / Black Knight within the Marvel franchise.

The supernatural comes to Marvel

But the theme of supernatural creatures in Marvel advances progressively and not always linearly in the world of Marvel series. In 2021, the series Loki had hinted at the existence of vampires in the Universe of the House of Ideas. In the middle of a dialogue Owen Wilson’s character Mobius can be heard referring directly to vampires and specifically to Blade. The mere mention was the first direct inclusion in the Marvel film canon of supernatural creatures or creatures far removed from the world of pseudoscience.

Already WandaVision previously included the concept of witches and chaos magic to Marvel. A much more specific concept about magic, which he showed Doctor Strange and everything related to his history. And in turn, this year moon knight (Moon Knight) delved into the Egyptian pantheon. Unlike the appearances of the Asgardian gods, the Egyptian deities are more related to the unknown and the intangible. And in fact, everything related to Mark Spector is directly related to a much darker and darker layer of Marvel.

The arrival of Blade It could open the doors to all kinds of characters and the addition to the main canon of Marvel of several different heroes. From the Ghost Rider from Nicolas Cage (speculated to be in the Doctor Strange sequel) to Werewolf by Night. the universe of the supernatural in Marvel seems to be getting bigger and bigger and especially more prolific as time goes on. The movie starring Ali and reshaping the character played by Wesley Snipe would be a strange new chapter in the superhero saga. One that we will probably see unfold in the next decade.

Blade, come back from the dead

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the reboot of Blade Atlanta, Georgia will be filmed in addition to New Orleans. In a fun fact, less than two months ago, Production Listing revealed that Anthony Mackie works on a set in Louisiana. Although there are no indications that these are similar projects, one might wonder if the new Captain America would have a share in Blade.

1666106465 378 There is already a date for Marvels Blade with Mahershala

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Actually, there are few details about Blade until now. At the moment, the list of actors includes, in addition to its Oscar-winning protagonist, Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre. Bassam Tariq is directing on the premise of the script he wrote with Stacy Osei-Kuffour. However, the start of the first production shots is good news for a film that promises to mark a new direction at Marvel.

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There is already a date for Marvel’s ‘Blade’ with Mahershala Ali and it is closer than you imagine

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