They find a blue “Zorro Viejo” drum in Los Roques and the shipwreck hypothesis is reinforced

The National Organization for the Rescue and Maritime Safety of Aquatic Spaces (Venezuela) reported this Tuesday, May 10, that they found a drum belonging to the efishing boat «Old Fox» in the bay of the Sebastopol lighthouse, in Los Roques, which reinforces the shipwreck hypothesis.

The blue drum, identified with the name “Old Fox”, was found by local fishermen last Friday, May 6. It is estimated that the arrival of this object occurred during the early hours of that day, since the area was visited on Thursday, May 5, but neither the boat nor any object was sighted.

Drum found south-east of Los Roques. Photo: Onsa Venezuela

After the discovery, the organization suggests that, according to the analysis of the facts and the location of the object, to the southeast of Los Roques: “the scenario that gains the greatest strength in this case is the capsizing, or shipwreck, of the ship between the April 27 and 29.

Already this Tuesday morning, Onsa proposed to activate a search, rescue and recovery operation on the eastern coast of Falcón state. They spoke specifically between Chichiriviche and the Paraguaná Peninsula.

However, with the discovery of the drum, they suggest that the work be reoriented towards the south and southeast of Los Roques.

1652229446 86 They find a blue Zorro Viejo drum in Los Roques
Place where they found the blue drum identified with the name “old fox”. Image: Onsa Venezuela.

For now, some relatives have moved to Puerto Cabello to continue towards Falcón and the fishermen from Los Roques will go tomorrow to check the areas adjacent to Sebastopol.

Capsizing hypothesis

The vessel “Old Fox”, registration ARSH-PE-0521, He sailed on April 19 from the town of Mata Redonda, in Nueva Esparta, to carry out fishing, but did not return. She was due to arrive in port on April 25.

According to the crew’s relatives, one of the people on board made telephone contact with the ground on April 27 and, formally, the report of the delay was presented to the authorities on April 28.

Thanks to this, the Onsa and the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (Inea) had notified the delay to the port of “Old Fox” and had undertaken the search by sea and land.

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On May 1, it was estimated that the vessel could be drifting “about 12 nautical miles north of the Macanao Peninsula, between La Tortuga and La Orchila, possibly moving at a knot towards West-Southwest.”

However, after having substantiated the hypothesis of delay and having fulfilled the estimated maximum time For the vessel to eventually arrive on the eastern shores of Falcón state, it is now suggested that “this hypothesis be dismissed and the search and rescue phase closed, now moving to a capsizing or shipwreck scenario.”

It is understood as capsize when a vessel tilts and sinks, due to the force of the wind or due to cargo shifting or flooding, until it capsizes and —when water enters it— it is almost level with the surface of the vessel or it sinks.

Previously, the Onsa asked all ships that navigate in the aquatic district of Pampatar, Carenero, La Guaira and Puerto Cabello to be attentive to maritime traffic from La Orchila, Los Roques and Las Aves to the Venezuelan continental coasts and to any sighting of the ship, people, objects or body in the area or on the shores.

In addition, he called on individuals who fly between Margarita, Los Roques and Maiquetía to support the rescue efforts.

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They find a blue “Zorro Viejo” drum in Los Roques and the shipwreck hypothesis is reinforced

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