They record a young fox with a dead chicken in its mouth in the center of a town

The proliferation of this species inside cities is increasing, these images are proof of this. The foxes have made urban centers their homes due to the abundance of food, the large number of places to shelter and the absence of predators.

A fox devours the remains of a chicken on a road

Foxes are opportunistic predators capable of feeding on virtually any small to medium-sized animal they find in their path, including carrion.

The editor-in-chief of Club de Caza was forced a few days ago to stop his vehicle so as not to run over a fox that was devouring the remains of a chicken, which had previously been run over, on a road in the province of La Coruña .

The canine, faced with the incessant passage of cars, finally decides to carry what is left of the bird in its mouth and move away from the road to continue its feast hidden from the eyes of the people who are observing it and without any danger.

Incessant fight against the vermin that stalk your hens and chickens

A resident of the Romanian municipality of Târgu Jiu, a town located in the Gorj district, has identified one of those responsible for the disappearance of the chickens of the inhabitants of the city of more than 80,000 inhabitants. He is about a young fox. Foxtails pose one of the biggest threats to poultry. Poultry farmers invest a significant amount of money every year in security to prevent attacks, especially from foxes, feral dogs, birds of prey, mustelids, cats and suidae.

Despite their efforts, on too many occasions their chicken coops are victims of these attacks. On numerous occasions their pens wake up full of bodies of dead birds or when they count the poultry they notice the absence of any of the specimens.

Measures to take to avoid the attack of predators

The most effective measure to protect the chicken coop is fencing with metal mesh buried up to 40 centimeters deep to prevent predators such as foxes or wild boars from entering. It is also highly recommended to cement the floor of the chicken coop as a complementary measure to prevent the entry of predators, together with the use of shading mesh to cover the aerial part with the aim of stopping the incursions of birds of prey.

Urban foxes in Spain

The presence of foxes in Spanish urban centers has become commonplace. Sightings of this species of canid in cities are becoming more frequent, even in broad daylight. In September 2012, a camera recorded a litter of foxes born in the Encinar de San Pedro, located in the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

In August 2016, Nature Protection Agents of the Government of Aragon captured several foxes that were prowling the urban area of ​​the Zaragoza municipality of Ejea de los Caballeros. Two years later, in November 2018, more than a dozen foxes were sighted in the old town of Cuenca. In December 2021, a driver recorded in Pedro Muñoz, a La Mancha municipality that we found in the northeast of Ciudad Real, an animal of this species carrying a chicken in its mouth and in April 2020 another fox was caught stalking and hunting a great duck in the urban center of a Galician city.

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They record a young fox with a dead chicken in its mouth in the center of a town

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