This Batman Villain Has A Very Powerful Secret Ability

Who is Batman’s most dangerous enemy? Discover it here.

Batmanalso know as the dark knight either the Batmanis one of the most symbolic superheroes of the DC Universe who, despite not having superpowers, has great intelligence and ability in the scientific and technological area. Thanks to this she can create weapons to fight the villains of Gotham city. This hero has been represented in different ways in various versions or universes in different comics.

As is known, regardless of the timeline or version, Batman he’s a pretty strong vigilante who has had to face a large number of evildoers who have also turned out to be very powerful. Some of the villains that we can highlight are the Penguin, the Joker, Bane, the Killer Moth and the Clockmaker, but the reality is that there are many more.

Many of the fans of this vigilante assure that the strongest villain he has faced is banesince this malefactor has been the only one who has had the ability to hurt the Knight of the Night, breaking his spine once.

However, in a DC comic it is revealed that There is an enemy of Batman even more powerful and dangerous than Bane. Below we will tell you all the details about it.

Who is Batman’s most dangerous enemy?

If you are a fan of Batmanyou probably thought that the Dark Knight’s most dangerous enemy is Bane, seeing as he was able to seriously hurt to this vigilante. However, DC makes it clear to us that Bane is not the most dangerous or the strongest.

While every villain uses terror as the basis for some element of their personality, there is one whose identity is wholly and completely based on the horror factor. It has probably already occurred to you who this evildoer could be, and the answer is: the Scarecrow.

Also know as Jonathan Cranethis villain uses toxins called “fear toxins” which, as its name indicates, are responsible for instilling and causing fear in those who inhale it, and can even cause people to literally scared to death.

The Scarecrow

Although this ruffian is a chemical genius and can create fear gas, he really not a good melee fighter and he’s not a real physical threat to Batman either; however, this changes when Crane manages to obtain a new and frightening power.

The Scarecrow gets a terrifying new ability.

in the comic Batman: As The Crow Flies of the year 2004, the Penguin recruit a crime family with the goal of rule Gotham City. To carry out his work, the Penguin employ craneasking him to use his fear toxin to keep his subjects at bay, and He appoints an assistant to help him.

While this is happening, a strange monster is unleashed 10 feet tall, with exaggerated strength and great speed when moving, whose most frightening quality is that it has the ability to release fear toxin through its breath. this terrifying creature he chases after Penguin’s men and kills them.

Scarecrow Monster

The Scarecrow turned into a monster. Image taken from the comic Batman: As The Crow Flies

Despite the fact that Batman has incredible technology to protect yourself from any kind of toxic gasthe toxin released by this monster can evade all these artifactswhich makes him significantly dangerous to the Bat-Man.

At the end of the story it is revealed that the appearance of this monster and the murder of the subordinates were nothing more than part of a malicious plan carried out by the Penguin.

The Penguin did not want to have to share his winnings with anyone, and he wanted to be the only one to inherit the entire Criminal Empireso he hired Jonathan and ordered the assistant who appointed him to give Crane a substance that would make him turn into a beast whenever he was under stress or danger.

Because of this, the Scarecrow turns into a monstrous creature almost meaningless who takes care of chase the creeps once he has intoxicated them with his fear gas. While the Penguin accomplishes part of his plan with this, the fact that the Scarecrow can now transform into a monster it is not very favorable for the Dark Knight.

Batman regularly finds himself facing villains. and quite dangerous malefactors who, in general, if they are laboratory geniuses they are not a great physical threat (Bane being the only exception). However, the fact that the Scarecrow, who is considered a very clever villainhas acquired this terrifying new ability makes him the most dangerous foe Batman has ever faced.

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This Batman Villain Has A Very Powerful Secret Ability

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