This cover of “The Dark Knight Returns” sold for 2.4 million dollars –

One of the most emblematic and recognized covers of the Batman, which has been honored, adapted and even parodied on countless occasions, is the one that belongs to Book One of “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” (Batman: The Return of the Dark Knight).

The revolutionary work of the scriptwriter and cartoonist Frank Millerthe inker Klaus Janson and the colorist lynn varley published in 1986 marked a before and after in the mythology of the Caped Crusader and a turning point in the history of comics, having among his most famous images the one in which the silhouette of “Batman” is observed jumping with lightning falling in the background.

The original art on that cover, done by Miller and Varley, just broke the record for the most expensive American comic book cover sold at auction.when sold for $2.4 million this Thursday.

The renowned auction house Heritage Auctions reported the milestone at the close of a multi-day event dedicated to comic strips and original comic art. The work belonged to a collector who purchased it directly from Varley, being the centerpiece of the auction.

“We are thrilled that the influential work of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley is reaching a level often associated with classic American art”said the vice president of the auction house, Todd Hignite.

“He deserves it,” he added, “as this is easily one of the most famous comic book covers of any era, and it defined the superhero genre from the ’80s to this very moment. I can’t think of a more important piece of comic book art that has ever come up for auction.“.

This cover is also one of the first DC Comics original art to sell for over a million dollars, while the previous record holder for most valuable “Batman” original art was on Neal Adams’ cover for the Batman. #251, from 1973, which was auctioned for $600,000 in 2009.

Other records achieved in this auction are in the “All Star Comics #8,” featuring the debut of “Wonder Woman,” which sold for $1.62 million; while Jim Lee’s art for the “Batman #619” triple cover, the close of the “Hush” arc, sold for $504,000the most anyone has paid for original art by Lee.

Also, Mike Mignola’s infamous original cover for 1988’s “Batman #428,” featuring Jason Todd’s butchered “Robin” as part of the “Death in the Family” arc, sold for $228,000.

The figures for the sale of original comic art and historical numbers do not cease to amaze, with gigantic amounts paid by collectors. Total madness.

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This cover of “The Dark Knight Returns” sold for 2.4 million dollars –

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