This horror movie will take you to extremes if you suffer from vertigo

Horror movies tend to impact with suffocating, dark and gloomy places, although from time to time we find refreshing proposals that flee from commonplaces and seek to frighten us with new ideas. It is the case of fail, a film that hits theaters this Friday, October 7, and that is committed to destroying our nerves on the heights of a tower in the middle of the warm and luminous desert. And not just any tower, but an old construction of more than 600 meters where, after part of its structure collapses, two young people are trapped without the possibility of getting down or contacting someone. And as this argument suggests, It is not an experience suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.

Still from ‘Fall’ (Photo: Deaplaneta)

At the plot level, we are facing a simple movie. After losing her boyfriend while climbing a mountain, a girl is encouraged by her friend, a risk-loving influencer, to overcome the trauma by climbing an abandoned communications tower in the middle of nowhere. Of course, a somewhat poor starting point if what you are looking for is emotional depth, but that is not the intention of fail, where what prevails is the show of keeping us tense on the edge of our seat during its almost two hours of footage. And go if you get it.

Although in its first section it can be perceived as a B movie without much to contribute, the moment both characters begin the dangerous climb, things begin to change. First, with how tense the moment of the ascent is perceived, where by avoiding various obstacles while ascending we begin to see infarct aerial shots, moments contrived to transmit the suffering of the characters or games with the sound of the wind and the structure that increase our nerves.

Although it gets more interesting in its second section, when once trapped above they must manage to ask for help. Set in a dwarf space and facing a lot of bad weather, the tension and vertigo only increase with a camera that becomes aggressive to get us fully into the action on screen.

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I am one of those who suffers a little from vertigo, and I have to say that this sensation is fulfilled by far. There were sections in which I managed to look away from the screen of how bad the movie makes you go through. And the funny thing is that he did it even in parts where he knew in advance that nothing bad was going to happen. After all, it is still a fairly typical horror plot of the genre, but At the production level, the work to transmit these sensations of horror to you is so immense that the end result is a heart-stopping experience. And that I saw it in a fairly small movie theater.

Although in my case, beyond this continuous tension and vertigo, I think that what I most enjoyed fail It was his last stretch. I will only say that there are details that will make fans of the genre want to get up from their seats and applaud. For this reason, I think that as a whole it is one of the most dizzying and enjoyable films I have seen in recent months, an ingenious and fun cocktail that easily transfers the terror of small and suffocating locations to the widest and most immense possible terrain. Of course, not suitable for those with an extreme fear of heights.

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This horror movie will take you to extremes if you suffer from vertigo

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