This is ‘Grogu and the soots’, the ‘Star Wars’ short developed by Studio Ghibli

Earlier this week the official account of Studio Ghibli, the most famous animation studio in Japan and one of the most prestigious in the world, announced something new. Coincided with the recent opening of the park ghibliand about two years after its last theatrical release, earwig and the witch, developed entirely in 3D. What was striking about the announcement was that it was born from a collaboration with Lucasfilm, the factory responsible for starwars under the control of Disney, without specifying what it consisted of at the time. Today we know that it is an animated short produced by Ghibli and set (more or less) in the universe of george lucasand we know it thanks to the fact that said short film is already available in Disney+.

Your title is Grogu and the soots, as a description adjusted to what happens in the piece. They are just three minutes long where we meet again with the star of The Mandalorianbetter known as Baby Yodawhile you are meditating. Then he is interrupted by the calls “soot spirits”, which will surely look familiar to fans of Studio Ghibli. And it is that these yokaicreated by Hayao Miyazakihave appeared in both my neighbor totoro like in Spirited Awaytwo of the most popular films from the Japanese studio, so that Grogu and the soots supposes a kind of crossover Come in starwars and the imaginary of Studio Ghibli. Naturally, Grogu and the so-called Susuwatari they learn to get along throughout the short.

The most remarkable thing about the piece is that it is animated by hand, with a charming minimalist use of 2D and music. Zen in charge of Ludwig Goransson (composer, precisely, of the soundtrack of The Mandalorian). Director of Grogu and the soots turns out to be one of Ghibli’s most veteran animators: it’s about Katsuya Kondouhistorical character designer who in 2010 made a piece in a similar style, nissin shayfun. So it was an advertising short film, and it is what it continues to be Grogu and the soots; Well, the piece is basically a celebration of the three years of existence of Disney +. Which also does not mean that the link of starwars with the anime be anecdotal.

There is a key precedent Grogu and the soots, and this is the project Star Wars Visions. On Disney+ you can also see this anthology of animated shorts, which Lucasfilm produced together with seven Japanese studios. The result: nine pieces of very different styles where they have participated Studio Trigger or the promising filmmaker Kenji Kamiyama. “Visions’ goal was always to be an authentic Japanese anime. We wanted it to be a true expression of these individual creators.” stated at the time the producer James Waugh. “They were creating stories and concepts that could only come from their unique cultural perspective.”

So much Grogu and the soots like STar Wars Visions They demonstrate Lucasfilm’s willingness to experiment with Japanese animation, of which we will surely have new manifestations in the near future. The short comes when Andor, the most recent series starwars in real action, is being broadcast, while other series can be seen on the horizon, such as Ahsoka either The Acolyte and the film division remains unclear on what to do, with early projects at the hands of Taika Waititi, Patty Jenkins either shawn levy.

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This is ‘Grogu and the soots’, the ‘Star Wars’ short developed by Studio Ghibli

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