This would be a Dragon Ball live-action with Samuel L. Jackson as Piccolo

It seems that he would be the ideal actor for this project…

Piccolo gets a second chance at being a badass in live action when a talented digital artist imagines what Samuel L. Jackson might look like in the role. All thanks to a Brazilian fan who asks himself the following question: “What would a Dragon Ball live-action look like in the 90’s?”, Let us remember that at that time many of the most recognizable actors and actresses had a boom that they would not see again in later years. Such is the case of Jackie Chan, who in this lucky version would play Goku, our beloved protagonist.

However, perhaps the most outstanding element is Samuel L. Jackson, who had a great success with Pulp Fiction, one of the most established films in the film industry. But, perhaps in the role of Piccolo he could have had more recognition (at least among young audiences). In fact, the relationship between the actor and the namekian is impressive, beyond the work of this dedicated Dragon Ball fan, we see that Samuel L. Jackson’s characteristic serious, hard and cold gaze is a perfect fit for Piccolo. Certainly, it would have been a perfect choice for this casting.

If you liked this work, you can see more portraits of @samukarts on his Instagram profile and on his YouTube channel. In addition to his Dragon Ball project from the 1990s, fans can visit the artist’s Instagram to see how he imagined Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings in another era. Simu Liu would have seen himself in the role of Goku, or which actors would cast in a modern live-action reboot of Thundercats.

Unfortunately, Samuel L. Jackson as Piccolo is something that has only happened in fan art and it may stay that way for a long time. In the cold and uncaring reality we live in, the character was officially portrayed by Runaways star James Marsters in the much-maligned 2009 movie Dragonball Evolution which was shot at UNITECH University in Mexico’s capital. While the character shown in the film is technically King Piccolo and not the reincarnated Piccolo Jr. that most fans are more familiar with, many viewers were still disappointed that the official live-action version of the character he bore little resemblance to either of the Namekian versions of the fighter. Marsters, who says that he is a huge fan of the anime, would later go on to play Zamasu in the English dub of Dragon Ball Super, has publicly and repeatedly stated his distaste for the film.

This is what Piccolo would look like in a Dragon Ball live-action in the 90’s

The new portrait comes from an artist who is known on both Instagram and YouTube under the username @samukarts. The talented digital artist imagined what Samuel L. Jackson would have looked like if he had been cast in the role of the series’ taciturn Namekian villain. Become a hero, Piccolo. The portrait was created as part of a series imagining a hypothetical live-action Dragon Ball movie from the 1990s and whose stars of the time would have appeared in the project.

But, unlike this interesting and fun version, Piccolo will have another chance to shine on the big screen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the latest animated feature film in the franchise.. The sullen green warrior will be one of the central protagonists of the film, which focuses on his bond with Gohan. , his original martial arts student whom he helped train and raise after Goku’s first death. Piccolo will be getting a new transformation in the movie, giving him a new gold color scheme. Super Hero will open in Japan on June 11, with an international Crunchyroll release planned for sometime later this summer.

The entire Dragon Ball anime series, including the original 1986 TV show and the 2017 Dragon Ball Super adaptation, are now available to stream on Crunchyroll. Akira Toriyama’s original manga is also available in English through the service. from MangaPlus by Shueisha.

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This would be a Dragon Ball live-action with Samuel L. Jackson as Piccolo

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