Time flies! “Venom” premiered 4 years ago today

The first film of the “Venom” franchise hit theaters on October 5, 2018, so today we will celebrate this Marvel antihero.

During its stage in theaters, the film directed by Ruben Fleischer collected more than 800 million dollars at the box office, coming from a budget of 116 million greens, according to reports from specialized portals.

For those who enjoyed this film, we will present some curiosities about its production and cast. It is worth remembering that the second installment of the production debuted in October 2021.

The plot follows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a journalist who does not stop putting himself in danger due to his character as an investigator and his dedication to the job. After managing to sneak into a laboratory where they were experimenting on humans, something strange will happen and he will end up becoming the alien Venom.

Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, Reid Scott, Scott Haze, among others, complete the cast of the action-adventure feature film.

The film is chaotic, interesting and entertaining, because for that year it was something completely different from what Marvel had shown so far. Surely, its narrative dynamics and other elements were what made it such a successful box office hit.

He took inspiration from 3 men

According to the Imdb site, Tom commented that Woody Allen, rapper Redman and mixed martial arts fighter Conor MCgregor were his references for his performance as Brock; the first for his “tortured neurosis” and the other two for living life no matter what, as well as his ability to deal with “uncontrolled violence.”

Likewise, the voice of Venom, whose speeches they recorded before starting filming, was based on that of the iconic singer James Brown.

ambitious plans

The “Inception” actor was originally going to play the symbiote with motion-capture visual effects, but that wasn’t possible because Hardy isn’t big enough to match the size of his exaggerated facial features and the rest of his body.

they took their time

You would not believe it, however, this film was in development since 1990, as it was planned to be the first film focused on a single superhero, a style that Marvel acquired later, but in the end the project did not happen and he ended up being the antagonist of Spider -Man in the film saga starring Tobey Maguire. There, the character was in charge of Topher Grace (“That ’70s Show”), as detailed by Fandom Wire.

They had a girl in mind

For this adaptation, the creatives had thought of a different female lead. The premise would follow a pregnant woman who is widowed and then suffers a loss. The rage and agony the woman faces draws the alien symbiote to her and it becomes him.

could have been different

Finn Wittrock (“American Horror Story”), Chris Zylka, actor who gave life to Flash in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and Ryan Kwanten were taken into account to give life to Eddie Brock and the monster, all this was included Screen Rant , medium dedicated to entertainment, in a clip from his YouTube channel.

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Time flies! “Venom” premiered 4 years ago today

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