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In Nioh 2, you have the option to choose your starting weapon. You don’t have to think that one weapon is better than another. The important thing is to choose a weapon that you feel most comfortable with on the battlefield. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at all of the starter weapons in Nioh 2, and tell you which ones to look for. These are just our recommendations, the final choice is up to you.

Relationship between weapons and statistics

This article will mainly be useful for beginning Nioh 2 players, and therefore we will not go into the more advanced gameplay mechanics of this game. It is about the characteristics of the character, starting weapons and important nuances that we will talk about now.

Thus, in Nioh 2, your character has a number of features typical of many modern action RPGs. When creating your character, you must take into account the following series of characteristics:

  • Composition;
  • mental toughness;
  • Strength;
  • Force;
  • Skill;
  • Skill;
  • The magic;
  • Spirit.

Absolutely all weapons in Nioh 2 are related to the three features from the list above. Here is the relationship between character stats and starting weapon:

starting weapon main skill secondary skill tertiary competition
Katana Willpower Skill Force
two katanas Skill Strength Power
Spear Folding Force Skill
Axe Resilience Courage/Strength Strength/Dare
kusarigama Skill Skill Force
odati Power Resilience Strength
tonfa Worth Folding Skill
axes Skill Worth Magic
The Glaive Magic Skill Addition

The best weapon to start the game


The katana is a standard Nioh 2 weapon that is ideal for almost any situation in the game. This blade is preferred not only by newcomers, but also by advanced players of this series and other similar games. The katana has a large number of combinations in all three stances, but cannot boast of good blocking. Fortunately, he’s fine with breakthrough, allowing him to deal pretty high damage to the ki of most opponents. To improve your damage output, you will need to increase your character’s Strength and Skill to be able to deal more damage. In addition to your katana, you must equip two katanas, axes, a bow, or a musket. Also, do not equip heavy or medium armor along with the katana, as it can slow down your Ki recovery.

It is worth taking the Katana, If you like the samurai theme. The katana is a versatile weapon, ideal for almost any game situation.

You shouldn’t pick up a katana, if you want to deal damage to multiple opponents at the same time and be able to block most of the damage you deal.

Two Katanas

Why not carry two smaller katanas instead of one? Two katanas don’t do as much damage as one katana, but they can deal damage at a much higher rate, which can be critical in certain situations. It’s also important to note that two katanas can block opponents’ attacks better, which makes sense. In order to better wield two katanas, you need to increase Skill and Stamina. You have to match two katanas with the katana or the spear.

It is worth taking two katanas, If, again, you like the samurai theme, but need something faster. It is also a suitable weapon for players who do not want to wear medium or heavy armor and want to get into elemental elements.

It is not worth carrying two katanas, if you want to wear heavier armor and weapons.


In the hands of adversaries, the spear is an annoying damn contraption. However, in the hands of the player, the spear can be a lifesaver or a real punishment. The spear takes some getting used to, but it’s worth it, believe us. This weapon can not only deal relatively high damage, but it can also keep your enemies at a distance or even separate them into separate groups. To be effective in battle you need to boost Composition, Strength and Skill. The spear works well with weapons like the double katana and odachi. Surprisingly, the spear has excellent blocking, plus it can deal quite high damage to your opponent’s Ki.

It is worth taking the spear, If you prefer to control your opponents on the battlefield. It is good for players with medium tanks.

It is not worth taking the spear, if you don’t feel safe in tight spaces and you don’t manage game times well.


Surprisingly, the main characteristic of a giant ax is not strength, but hardness. The ax is good for players who want to deal as much damage as possible. Pairs well with heavy armor. The dream of the tank. Unfortunately, the Ax is not good at blocking damage – it consumes a large amount of Ki. However, you can quickly drain your opponent’s Ki if he tries to block your attacks. In general, an ax is not a defensive tool.

It is worth taking the ax, if you want to build a tank that does a lot of damage.

It is not worth taking the ax, If you don’t like slow play and prefer to wear lighter armor.


The Kusarigama is quite an interesting weapon and few players choose it as their starting weapon. After all, a sickle with a chain and a weight (sometimes spiked) on the end doesn’t seem like such a reliable tool for destroying enemies. However, if you are interested in ninja themes, you will know that the Kusarigama is a very dangerous weapon. Slash and smash attacks in all three stances and high elemental damage. However, you can forget about normal blocking with Kusarigama. You can also forget about normal damage to your opponent’s Ki.

Kusarigama is worth taking, If you want to attack opponents at short, medium and long distance. Perfect for ninjutsu fans.

Kusarigama is not worth taking, If you are creating a tanky character and want to do a lot of damage.


Do you like giant swords? Then Odachi is your choice. An excellent weapon at long and medium range, but equally useful at close range, even against a group of opponents. It is ideal for fighting many bosses. This may surprise you, but Odachi has pretty weak blocking. To empower Odachi’s attacks, increase your character’s Strength and Stamina. The Odachi pairs well with spears and axes.

Odachi is worth taking, If you like weapons with a lot of damage and a long range. This long blade is also a must for those who like to experiment with elemental damage.

Odati is not worth taking, If you don’t like slow play and prefer to wear lighter armor.


The tonfa is preferably used in combination with light armor and a spear. Upgrade Valor to increase Tonfa’s effectiveness. Extremely fast weapon, with a good hit and block. It is not a very high damage, but it is more than compensated by the aforementioned attack speed.

It is worth taking Tonfu, If you like to use ninjutsu and actively dodge enemy attacks.

It is not worth taking Tonfu, if you prefer to keep enemies at a distance. The tonfa is also unsuitable for characters wearing heavy armor.


Axes are very similar to the tonfas we’ve touched on before, but the increase in their combat effectiveness is due to the Skill stat. Also, as you can see in the table above, the tertiary skale for tonfalls is Magic, so this weapon will be very useful for players who prefer to use Omedo’s magic and various talismans/charms with elemental damage. Axes work well for breaking and are easy to block enemy attacks with. Fun fact: you can throw axes at enemies, but only at close to medium range. Axes work well in conjunction with a spear and two katanas.

It is worth taking the axes, If you prefer a weapon with a fast attack. Suitable for players who wish to use Omedo’s elemental magic.

It is not worth taking the axes, If you rely heavily on ninjutsu and have no intention of using Omedo’s magic.

The Glaive

The glaive is arguably the most outlandish weapon in all of Nioh 2. If you don’t want to go through the game with the classic weapons and want something more exotic, the glaive is your go-to. The glaef has a worthless block, but a noticeable advance. The clef’s main attribute is magic, making it perfect for Omedo magic users. It is recommended to carry two Katanas or Axes with the Glaefa. For mage players, we recommend the glefa + axes. Unfortunately, if you take the glaive, you’ll just have to make do with light armor.

The Glaive is worth taking, If your character is a wizard.

It’s not worth taking the glaive, If you decide not to focus on Omedo’s magic and want to use medium or heavy armor.

When playing Nioh 2, there are a ton of features, effects, and other gameplay mechanics to be aware of. Pick any of the weapons mentioned, and then we’ll see…

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Tips for choosing a starting weapon in Nioh 2 – Relax Type ▷➡️

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