Top 10 Things About Superman

Superman is DC’s greatest hero and one of the most important superheroes in comics. Since his debut in 1938, Superman has set trends in the comics industry and his cultural imprint is huge. People who have never met Superman in the media know who he is, and he has starred in just about every form of entertainment possible. However, comics have always been his true home.

Man of Steel fans have a lot to love. He is a much more multifaceted character than he is given credit for, and there are a multitude of factors that make him one of the best characters in comics.

10 It’s Modern Mythology

One thing that never changes in human culture is the need for larger than life heroes. Some of the earliest known stories, such as those of Sinbad, Gilgamesh, Hercules, etc., deal with heroes endowed with abilities that set them apart from others as they fight against the evils of their time. A line can be drawn from these mythological heroes to Superman.

Superman is more than just an alien superhero; he is Moses with primary colors, Achilles with cape and Jason if he didn’t need the ship. It is the human tendency to create larger than life characters to use as an example of what society believes humanity should be.

9 The Clark Kent/Superman dichotomy adds a lot to the character1650497052 230 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

Secret identities have been a part of superhero comics for a long time, and there is no secret identity greater than that of Clark Kent. A lot of people get the Clark Kent/Superman dynamic wrong; they lose perspective and turn one into the fulfillment of the other’s wishes or into a mask. The truth is that there is no difference between the two, except for a change of clothes.

Bruce Wayne died the night his parents were murdered, and he’s spent years learning to be himself again. Peter Parker puts on the mask and becomes Spiderman. However, Clark Kent and Superman are exactly alike to the core, so the reveal of his secret identity makes a lot of sense.

8 He Has One Of The Best Comic Book Origins1650497052 286 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

One of the best portraits of Superman’s origin is found on the first page of All Star Superman #1. Screenwriter Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely lay out their origin in four panels and eight words: “Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kind couple.” It’s the perfect breakdown of the character’s origin and shows why he is so amazing.

The best superhero origins are the simplest, but the simplicity of Superman’s belies its mastery. He tells everything there is to know about the character, laying out who he is and why in easy-to-understand terms.

7 He Has One Of The Best Suits In Comics1650497052 107 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

For Superman, the clothes make the Man of Steel. Although his costume has undergone many modifications over the years, it was almost ready from scratch (except for a few tweaks to the logo). The bright primary colors immediately caught the eye, reminiscent of the circus strongman costumes associated with strength at the time, and the cape was the perfect complement.

Superman’s costume is one of the few that was nearly perfect from the start. It’s one of the reasons fans have historically resisted changing it in any way. He’s already perfect, so there’s no real reason to mess with him.

6 His stories are some of the best1650497053 142 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

Superman has been around for over eighty years. In those years, he has starred in thousands of comics, including his own series, team books, event books, and miniseries. While there have been some bad Superman stories over the years, there have also been some great ones. When it comes down to it, Superman has some of the best comics out there.

Some of the best writers and artists in the comic book world have worked on the Superman stories, providing tales that have etched themselves into the imaginations of millions of fans. Superman’s oeuvre contains some wonderful stories and there is something for everyone.

5 Lex Luthor Is One Of The Best Arch Enemies In Comic Book History1650497053 151 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

Superman’s greatest enemy is Lex Luthor, and he’s the perfect match. Superman’s extreme altruism contrasts brilliantly with Lex’s unbridled greed. What makes their rivalry even better is that Superman truly believes that Lex could be a great person and would be friends with him if he could. In contrast, Lex hates Superman because he makes him look bad in comparison (although this is a paranoid fear that only exists in Lex’s mind).

It’s a fascinating relationship that is enhanced by the fact that Lex continually changes with the times. In each era of the comic, Lex transforms into the biggest baddie: the Golden Age mad scientist, the vaunted Silver Age villain, the evil Post-Crisis businessman, and the modern-day money thief. that combines them all. He is a great character, and the juxtaposition of him with Superman says a lot about both of them.

4 Lois Lane Is The Best Love Interest In Comics1650497053 195 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

When it comes to superhero love interests, there’s nothing better than Lois Lane. Lois has always been the perfect love interest for Superman and Clark: a woman who challenges them in a way no one else can while she has the same mission as the Man of Steel and her alter ego: to expose the truth and protect the undead. innocent.

Calling Superman and Lois the same is a bit insulting to Lois; She may not have superpowers, but she is superior to her husband in most ways, having saved the day many times herself, and he has no problem admitting it. Superman and Lois are a bigger couple than any other relationship in the comics.

3 He’s The Best Role Model In Comics1650497054 604 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

To say that Superman is the greatest role model in comics is something that hardly needs saying at this point; however, it is a large part of the character’s appeal. He is the hero everyone else looks up to and wants to be, as well as a character who teaches readers valuable lessons. Superman’s status as the greatest model in comics sets him apart from his peers and makes his adventures even more iconic.

What makes it better is that he never feels that way about himself. Because Superman, at least when the character is written well, he can never do enough. He always strives to do better and tries to get others to do the same.

2 Jon Kent Has Proven To Be A Worthy Successor To The Mantle Of Superman1650497054 436 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

Right now, Superman fans are getting a lot of riches. As Clark fights Mongul alongside the Authority in World War, his son Jon has taken over as Superman on Earth. Jon has learned the lessons of his parents and has begun to follow his own path, taking a different approach than his father as the Man of Steel.

Jon’s adventures are the perfect Superman stories for the 21st century. They bring all the classic notes a Superman story should have, but they also feel modern and new. His bisexual hero status is great for representation and shows how anyone can be Superman, giving people marginalized because of his sexuality a hero.

1 Even With His Powers Weakened, Superman Is The Ultimate Hero1650497054 281 Top 10 Things About Superman.webp

An interesting plot was added to Clark Kent’s life when it was revealed that his powers were weakening. As a result, he assembled a new incarnation of the Authority and set off for Warworld to save the people trapped there. Once there, his power situation worsened due to the red suns in the planet’s core, which gave off radiation that drained him even more.

This story arc has shown why Clark Kent is as perfect as Superman: he’s always been about more than just superpowers. Superman tries to save everyone he can and will fight against any odds to do so, proving that he is the greatest hero of all.

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Top 10 Things About Superman

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