true lies

true lies

true lies

“True Lies” (Lies risky, in Spain; Lies true, in Latin America) is a 1994 American film, directed by james cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold, as American spies who investigate an arms trafficking ring, where Harry’s (Schwarzenegger) wife, Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), is dazzled by an alleged spy, and involved in the problem, as our ñeros say in the streets when they tell their film stories.

The paragon is valid for our history, from the famous phrase of the former president Turbay that our generation knew: “Our society needs new heroes”. Then we saw the profiles of our heroes of independence disappear from our banknotes, a preconceived plan to end our nationality, our ideological foundations, our political anthropology. To signify to the new generations that the independence revolution had never happened, that the fight against the unjust and brazen subjugation of the Spanish crown never happened.

It is the context of the speeches of our leaders, apparently with phrases coming from ignorance or unconsciousness, but they come from a master plan to cover up our social and political reality with lies: just like the fantoche of the supposed spy in the aforementioned movie , which ends up involving “Helen” in a real conflict situation. We have been told that in Colombia “there is no internal conflict”. Or that we should separate the whites from the blacks and the Indians (Paloma Valencia). Or that giving a black job is taking a bum to a company with all its problems (María Fernanda Cabal), or that the massacre of the banana plantations is a lie (of the same one mentioned above), or that the Nazi holocaust is a myth (idem).

That is why the statement of President Dukein the sense that we achieved independence thanks to the support of the founding fathers of the United States, contains a lie come true, with a purpose in hand, consisting of ending up dismantling the heroic basis of our independence and our nationality, with the order to “Refound Colombia”, a purpose aired from the neo-Nazi right that roams crouched among the most rancid national technocracy, the supposed radical Catholics, the supposedly Christian sects, that is, the same ones disguised as super-good guys who led Hitler’s Germany to the catastrophe, favored by an ignorant, retarded citizenry, without political education, who unpreparedly attends to the propagandistic management of characters like JJ Rendón, pure and clear ideologue of the most rancid dictatorial purpose for Latin America.

It’s not free, so call Senator Alvaro Uribe, President. It contemplates the desire to turn the country into a right-wing state, with a direct or indirect dictatorship, disastrous for the vast majority, where they are the ones who have to carry the unlimited ambition of 5% of the inhabitants, owners of 90% of the wealth , due to a supposed fear of definitions as ethereal as Castro-Chavism, or the hackneyed international communism.


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true lies

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