Trump renews his luxurious private plane Boeing 757, of 100 million euros: this is the interior of the ‘Trump Force One’

During his time as president, Donald Trump paraded around the world in Air Force One, a Boeing 747 specially modified for presidential transport.

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The flying Oval Office is luxurious, with several cabins and meeting rooms.

President Joe Biden meets with his staff aboard Air Force One in 2021.

However, as a billionaire and business tycoon, Trump had used a huge amount of money before Air Force One. jet private.

Trump, aboard his private Boeing 757 jet.

Over the years, the former president has owned several personal planes, including a Cessna Citation X…

Trump, getting out of his Cessna Citation X.

…a Boeing 727 tri-jet…

Trump put the plane up for sale in 2009.

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…a Sikorsky S76 helicopter…

Sikorsky S76 helicopter

… and his prized narrow-body Boeing 757 jet, which he calls “Trump Force One.”

Trump Force One

The 757 first flew in 1991 and was previously operated by the now-defunct companies Sterling Airways in Denmark and TAESA Airlines in Mexico.

Trump's 757 plane when he was flying for Sterling Airlines

It was also Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s corporate jet for a time before being sold to Trump.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

With registration N757AF, Trump bought the 31-year-old plane in 2011 for an amount that would amount to 100 million dollars (similar amount in euros, at current exchange rates), and it became an icon of his campaign rallies in 2016 throughout the United States.

Donald Trump, at a campaign rally.

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It was no secret whose plane was overhead, as it sported a giant “T” on its tail and “TRUMP” written in large letters on the fuselage.

Later, Trump painted the letters "Trump" golden in color.

However, when Trump won the presidency in 2016, he was required to use the government transportation fleet while in office.

Melania and Donald Trump wave from Air Force One.

Thus, he exchanged his beloved 757 for the presidential aircraft, but the plane continued to be used by members of the Trump Organization from 2017 to 2019.

Air Force Trump.

In 2019, the plane was parked at Stewart International Airport in New York, where it stayed for 2 years before flying to Louisiana (USA) in November 2021 to be refurbished.

Trump's 757 plane, parked at Stewart International Airport in New York (USA).

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Trump announced on his website in May 2021 that the plane, which needed a fresh coat of paint and maintenance work, would be “fully restored and updated” in Louisiana and “used at upcoming rallies.”

Trump, in Air Force Trump.

Sources: Donald J. Trump, Business Insider

Although Trump originally said that the plane would enter service again at the end of 2021, it has finally returned in July 2022.

Trump's 757 plane gets a fresh coat of paint.

Eric Trump posted a video on Twitter time lapse of the 757’s new paint, applied by aircraft refinishing company Landlocked Aviation.

Trump's 757 gets a new paint job.

Sources: Eric Trump, 7News

The president of the company, Tyson Grenzebach, declared in July to the local media 7News that the work required 40 people and a month of work.

Trump's 757 gets a new paint job.

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The new livery sports a black fuselage and an American flag on the tail…

Trump's 757 gets a new paint job.

…and the golden letters of the signature “Trump”.

Trump's 757 gets a new paint job.

“Excellence requested, excellence delivered!” Grenzebach sums up Business Insider: “The great men and women at Landlocked Aviation take pride in consistently delivering superior quality aircraft refinish work while providing exceptional customer service.

Trump's 757 entering the Landlocked Aviation paint shop.

The private aircraft is expected to return soon, when the former head of state officially kicks off his 2024 presidential campaign: take a look at Trump’s luxurious trip as it was in 2011.

Trump, in Air Force Trump.

Entering from the back of the jetthe first thing you see is the interior of the kitchen complete with glassware, a sink and coffee maker, creating a small kitchen.

Air Force Trump kitchen.

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The 43-seat aircraft accommodates meals gourmetbut Trump has been seen eating a Big Mac and fries on board.

Donald Trump, having a McDonald's meal in his 757 private jet.

Beyond the galley is a first-class stateroom and a dining area with armchairs and a sofa…

Behind the dining area, through the door, is the first class cabin (far left).

…and a table with 4 chairs, from which Trump frequently conducted interviews.

air force trump lounge

Amanda Miller, senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications for the Trump Organization, explained in a 2011 video that seat belts and other trim are plated with 24-karat gold…

Air Force Trump

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…and the headrests and pillows have been embossed with the Trump family crest.

Trump shield.

Walking through the plane, passengers find the main room, which has seating, a sofa and the SkyTheater, with a 57″ TV and a sound system that plays a “Hollywood screening room,” Miller says.

Sofa in the main living room.

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There is also a touch screen system that controls the theater and has a special “T” list that shows Trump’s favorite movies and CDs.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump sit in armchairs in front of the dining room.

The plane wouldn’t be complete without a few bedrooms, including a guest room with wood finishes, a home theater, and 2 sofas that convert to a double bed.

The two sofas convert into a double bed.

In addition, Trump has his own private bedroom with a custom headboard, pillows, and duvet, as well as a home theater system and work desk.

Air Force Trump, bedroom

The former president also has a master bath with a green countertop and gold sink…

Air Force Trump, bathroom

…as well as a toilet that serves as a seat, something common in many jets private.

Air Force Trump, bathroom

Towards the front of the plane there is a VIP area with a sofa and armchairs, where pilots or other important people can relax.

Air Force Trump, VIP area

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Although the plane is decked out, it’s not much use without pilots. Veteran aviators John Dunkin and Jay Galpin were at the controls of the 757’s glass cockpit in 2014.

Captains John Dunkin (left) and Jay Galpin (right) after piloting Trump's 757 private jet.

Since his comeback, Jack Sweeney, who has become famous for tracking the planes of billionaires like Elon Musk on Twitter, has logged the latest 757 flights on his Twitter account, “Trump Jets.”

Trump-branded water bottle on the 757.

Font: Jack Sweeney, Business Insider

As of October 15, the jet The 757 made several flights around Lake Charles, Louisiana, before returning home to Palm Beach, Florida, on Oct. 19, according to the tracking website. ADS-B Exchange.

Air Force Trump, hallway

Sources: Jack Sweeney, ADS-B Exchange, Business Insider

Since then, the plane has flown to places in the US such as Corpus Christi (Texas), Latrobe (Pennsylvania), Sioux City (Iowa) and Dayton (Ohio).

Trump's 757 flight to Texas on October 22.

Sources: Twitter, Business Insider

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Trump renews his luxurious private plane Boeing 757, of 100 million euros: this is the interior of the ‘Trump Force One’

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