‘Uncharted’: The post-credits scene advances the appearance of this villain and Nathan and Sully’s new adventure

The film, directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, has already hit theaters.

BEWARE, ‘SPOILERS’! The following news contains ‘spoilers’ of Uncharted.

Uncharted, the film adaptation of the famous video game saga, has already reached Spanish cinemas. The film, directed by Ruben Fleischer, tells the story of the first collaboration between a young Nathan Drake Y Sulli. Tom Holland gives life to the protagonist and Mark Wahlberg to his mentor in the world of treasure hunters.

The film, as is currently the case with ‘blockbusters’, has a post credits scene. This is set after the events that occurred in the film, after the discovery of the whereabouts of Magellan’s gold. Nathan and Sully’s first adventure leads them to continue working together looking for new treasures and relics. And that is confirmed in the post-credit scene.

In it, Nathan meets a man in a tavern. The latter is played by Pilou Asbæek, whom you will remember for bringing to life Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones and that already appeared a few seconds in the last trailer of Uncharted. The actor’s character, who has the peculiarity of wearing an eye patch, hands Nathan a, as he describes, “Nazi map” in exchange for the necklace that the protagonist gave his brother. According to Asbæek’s character, the exchange is because Roman he knows that pendant is important to Nathan.

The character of Asbæek and his men try to play a trap on the protagonist, but he has the help of Sully, who now leads moustache, like his counterpart in the video game. Thanks to the latter, Nathan manages to recover the necklace and the map. When the pair of treasure hunters leave the tavern they are surprised by something they see outside. Before revealing what it is, the scene ends.

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Sully’s mustache stars in the spectacular new trailer for ‘Uncharted’

Who is Roman, the name Asbæek’s character mentions? The post-credits scene Uncharted is intended to advance the story of the sequel. A new delivery is not confirmed, but it is clear that this is the intention. Therefore, it seems that Roman will be the villain of Uncharted 2. In the video game there is a character named gabriel roman, a British man, crime lord and treasure collector. In Drake’s Fortune He was one of the main villains. His goal was to find The Goldena gold sarcophagus.

It’s still too early to talk about a sequel. Uncharted, but it seems that the team behind the film already knows what direction to take for a new installment of the adventures of Nathan and Sully. As if that were not enough, we must not forget that, before the post-credits scene, the film reveals that Sam, the brother of the protagonist who was left for dead as a child, is still alive and is locked up in jail. will you suppose Uncharted 2 their reunion?

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‘Uncharted’: The post-credits scene advances the appearance of this villain and Nathan and Sully’s new adventure

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