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By Hannah Perez

Unstoppable Women of Web3 (WoW3) partnered with various organizations in the region to incorporate Latinas into Web3 developments.


  • Project will bring crypto and Web3 education to women in Latin America
  • They will distribute USD $25 million in NFT domains among Latinas
  • Unstoppable Domains, from the WoW3 group, leads the initiative
  • HER DAO LATAM, CryptoCo Conexión and 20 other partners participate

The crypto domain provider, UnstoppableDomainsis working to promote greater diversity within Web3 and has announced a new project to introduce women from Latin America to these developments.

Via Unstoppable Women of Web3 (WoW3), an educational group whose mission is to bring women to the Web, the company has teamed up with several organizations based in the region to promote educational programs, deliver free NFT domain names, and empower millions of Latin American women in the cryptosphere.

Historically an under-represented community within the tech industry, the goal of the initiative is to bring more than 5 million women from South American countries into the Web3 era by 2030, as well as promote more inclusive and gender-diverse developments in the sphere. wider range of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Incorporating Latinas on the Web3

According to a statement sent to DailyBitcointhe initiative is launched in partnership with HER DAO LATAMa female-led DAO developer championing innovation and diversity in Web3, and CryptoConnectiona platform created to close the knowledge gap in the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web3 for Latin Americans.

As part of the project, online courses on cryptocurrencies and Web3 will be released free of charge and will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, according to the statement. The program also will distribute more than USD $25 million worth of NFT domains to women to help them build digital identity.

Web3 can empower and stimulate people, but to achieve that potential, we must ensure that everyone has a seat at the table.”, commented Sandy Carter, founder of WoW3 and head of channel of UnstoppableDomains.

Education is the first step in building a more inclusive Web3, and that is why we are committed to expanding access to educational resources for women in Latin America. We are excited to partner with HER DAO LATAM and CryptoCo Conexión to support and incentivize the next generation of Latina Web3 innovators.

Carter, who previously worked for Amazon Web Service and is now a well-known Web3 leader, advanced to DailyBitcoin that the project will focus on the largest populations, such as Brazil, Argentina and Colombiaand we will work with local partners to do it in different countries“.

The initiative will also contact universities and educational institutions in the region to distribute the NFT domains among students. Although specific agreements with any university have not yet been announced, the spokeswoman noted that “all universities that meet established criteria will be eligible for free domains“.

For a more diverse and inclusive Web3

The gender gap in technology spaces, including crypto and blockchain, is still an unfinished business. According to a study carried out by the IDB Innovation Laboratory in 2021, the participation of women in the technology industry is 30%.

The trend is observed in Latin American countries, where a low percentage of women show interest in pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Meanwhile, in the US, Latinas are notably underrepresented and only 2% of IT-related jobs are held by Hispanic women, according to data cited in the statement.

Despite this, reports agree that projects with the most diverse teams are the most likely to succeed.

With this in mind, more than 20 organizations advocating for a more inclusive and diverse Web3 ecosystem have joined the WoW3 Education Project. These include Web3 Familia, Surge Women, Bit2Me, Latinistas, NoMore, Crypto Mujeres, Mujeres en Crypto, Cripto Curiosas, WE Evolution, Web3 Equity, Cripto Es Culturahighlights the statement.

The initiative is part of WoW3’s efforts to level the playing field in the early Web3 era. UnstoppableDomainswhich makes complex alphanumeric cryptocurrency addresses more accessible, introduced WoW3 in March and has since added more than 100 partners and announced several blockchain, Web3, and metaverse training pushes.

I believe that the future of Web3 must be representative of the diversity of our world. Education is the way to create inclusive opportunities for all“, commented Carter in September in the context of the launch of new educational flows.Web3 is the future of the Internet and for innovation, we need more diverse voices to be heard“.

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Unstoppable Domains will bring free Web3 education and NFT domains to women in Latin America – DiarioBitcoin

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