‘Upload’: the end of season 2, explained

    Spoilers for the second season of ‘Upload’ below

    Mixture of comedy, science fiction and anti-capitalist criticism, ‘Upload’ is one of the best series of Amazon Prime Video. In its second season, shorter than the previous one, creator Greg Daniels (‘The Office’) has continued to explore his themes and characters until reaching a dramatic finale with a cliffhanger that will have left the fans in suspense. What will happen now?

    ‘Upload’ immerses us in a virtual world called Lakeview, a vacation resort where the consciences (or souls, if you like) of people who have died and who have the financial capacity to pay for their stay stay. Set in the year 2033, we meet one of its residents, Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), a young programmer who discovers that his death was not an accident and with the help of his “angel” (Lakeview’s human assistant), Nora ( Andy Allo), will try to unveil the mystery. Also, in the process, both will develop an increasingly close and intimate relationship, despite the fact that they know that the border between the dead and the living is impassable… Or maybe not so much?

    The end of the first season left us with several surprises. First, Nathan’s girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) takes her life (supposedly) so he can download her consciousness to Lakeview and live with her partner forever, even though he no longer feels anything. for her. She thus saves Nathan from the ‘Two Gig’ (the cheap part of the resort, where you freeze when your data runs out) and she manages to manipulate him into getting them back together. For his part, Nora is almost killed in real life, and now she will have to go save her father and disappear for a while.leaving Nathan hanging, who, remember, at the moment when she told him that she loves him, he is left without answering.

    So we get into a brief, but intense, second season of ‘Upload’, which again leaves us with many pending issues.


    ‘Upload’, season 2: the ending explained

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    After its seven episodes, it seems that ‘Upload’ has not offered us much chicha in history, but very important things have happened in the end. Nora has been living in an anti-tech community, the Ludds, and helps them plan a coup against Lakeview by infiltrating the engineering department. However, Nora rejects violence against the inhabitants of the resort and seeks an alternative fight. This is how he reconnects with Nathan and they both discover the truth about Freeyond, a free alternative to Lakeview designed for the poor and without resources. which turns out to be hiding a terrible plan: America’s wealthy conservatives are strategically placing Freeyond’s offices in those states capable of deciding a general election. Their goal is to get rid of the poor and take away their right to vote.

    At the same time that Nathan and Nora are conducting their investigations, Ingrid, who has faked her death and is actually in Lakeview thanks to a virtual reality suit, looks for ways to rekindle the flame with her boyfriend.. Thus, he becomes obsessed with the idea of ​​having a digital baby, a new functionality of the virtual Afterlife according to which you can obtain a baby by fusing the two members of the couple. Her attempts to be her mother are a disaster, and even more so when she decides to finally tell Nathan the truth: that she is actually alive and that, beware, has been generating a clone of his body so that he can “download” back into the world of the living and that they can be together again. Nathan’s guilt over Ingrid’s sacrifice fades after these revelations and he breaks off the relationship. Even so, it is thanks to Ingrid that the programmer now has the possibility of resurrection.


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    And so they do. The risks are many: the process of “downloading” a consciousness into a body has had dire results so far. Somebody’s head exploded and everything. Still, they do, but not before calming down a borderline Ingrid who doesn’t want to accept that it’s all over between her and the man in her life. Luckily, come to my senses and the experiment works: Nathan has come back to life. He can finally embrace Nora with her body, and in fact they both share a night of passion on the train back to New York, where they plan to put an end to Freeyond’s evil plans. However, something will go wrong.

    The next morning, Nathan’s nose begins to bleed, a sign that perhaps the shock has not gone well and that, as the statistics show, he has 24 hours until his head explodes. Or maybe this problem has to do with them not being able to find him in Lakeview and starting to mess with his conscience? We do not know at the moment what the real reason for this problem is, but it does not look good. Nathan’s life hangs in the balance, and perhaps this time not even his conscience can save himself. Will he be able to stop the corruption in Freeyond in time before they can start taking the lives (and votes) of thousands of people?

    ‘Upload’: what will happen in season 3?


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    There is still no official confirmation of the third season of ‘Upload’, but of course it would be cruel to leave us with this cliffhanger In hands. And he is not the only one. In the last episode we see Ingrid collecting Nathan’s hair from a comb, suggesting that she plans to create a new clone of her body, perhaps one with a new consciousness that, this time, might want her. Her obsession seems to know no bounds. On the other hand, we saw Nathan’s mother waiting in line in front of the Freeyond offices, ready to go to the virtual Afterlife due to financial problems that she doesn’t know how to solve. And then there’s Aleesha (Zainab Johnson), who has risen through the ranks at Horizen and now has to deal with the company’s darkest issues, while also discovering whether or not there are sparks between her and war veteran Luke (Kevin Bigley). .

    As we see, The possibility of Nathan’s death is just one of the many unknowns that the second season of ‘Upload’ has left, one of The best sci-fi series on Amazon Prime Video. “I’m hopeful for Season 3,” Greg Daniels said on reverse. “It’s really important to continually expand this world, learn new things and have new surprises for the characters. We really believe in them as real people and we try to come up with satisfying adventures for them. So I have a lot of ideas for season 3, in case let’s have one.”


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‘Upload’: the end of season 2, explained

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