Videos | Like ‘Superman’, a journalist in Australia saved a child in the middle of the news

A heroic event that goes around the world this Friday, May 6, has as its protagonist the Australian television journalist and meteorologist, Paul Burt, who last Thursday night evoked Clark Kent (Superman, historical character from the comics), shed their communicator role to help their community.

In the middle of a news broadcast for a local television channel, known as 7Newsand when he was preparing to receive the step from study, Burt He decided to put aside his microphone and camera to join a group of people trying to help a child who was in danger.

Leaving his work aside for a few minutes, Burt went into the sea to help a 10-year-old boy, who, according to international media, “was struggling to stay afloat.”

The beach where the praiseworthy event occurred is known as Surfers Paradise, and the child at risk is a member of a Pakistani family who was in the place, according to international media such as The New York Post.

After participating in the rescue act, this real-life ‘Clark Kent’ returned to the beach and, still with his clothes and hair soaked, he resumed the microphone to receive the change from the studio, moment in which he took the opportunity to explain what happened.

According to Burt, when he was preparing for his report, he noticed that the ten-year-old boy was being swept away by the strong ocean current, which had prevented the boy from returning to shore and was being dragged further and further out to sea, becoming trapped in a kind of gutter, where the water got deeper.

“Four or five of us jumped into the water and basically took him back to the beach,” explained the meteorologist, while the newscast’s production filmed some of the images of the heroic event captured by colleagues from the coaching staff who were in the same place as the reporter.

In his balance, the reporter affirmed, satisfied with his action, and while pointing to the scene behind him where the emergency services were treating the minor, that the child “is alive, breathing and conscious”, adding that the minor had ingested a little of seawater, and that now the paramedics, who came to the beach in an ambulance, were doing their job to stabilize him.

However, in statements by the same reporter taken up by the newspaper Daily Mail of the United Kingdom, he explained that went to help the young man when he heard his parents desperately looking for him, admitting that at times they had thought they had lost it. Burt said he feels a lot of empathy for the distraught parents, because he has a son who is about the same age.

Taking advantage of the situation, the journalist referred to the dangers of the sea at nightor when it is choppy, warning that the ‘ocean gutters’, despite often appearing to be safe or calm spaces, can be a real danger for people who, unsuspecting, dive into them without being expert swimmers.

To illustrate the seriousness of the situation on the coast, the journalist also stated that the rescue carried out by him It was not the only case that occurred in that area during the weekWell, in that sector, Goal Coast, about half a dozen similar events had occurred in recent days.

After what happened, and through their social networks, the news 7News of Australia, in information that has been taken up by other media in all corners of the world, praised the work of the journalist.

Through Twitter, the newscast that Burt is a part of took up the images broadcast later in its morning broadcast.

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Videos | Like ‘Superman’, a journalist in Australia saved a child in the middle of the news

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