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At the cinema

The Super Mario Bros. Movie “Mushroom Kingdom”

During the celebration of Game Awards, host Geoff Keighley shared another sneak peek for fans of the plumber. This is a short scene showing Mario’s introduction to the Mushroom Kingdom as they head to Princess Peach’s castle.


Universal Pictures presents a new trailer for the highly anticipated film M3GAN, a lifelike doll programmed to be a child’s best companion and parent’s best ally, however, the doll seems to have a self-awareness, endangering those around her. This film will be released on December 29.

the crimes of the academy

Netflix shared the official trailer for the film adaptation of Louis Bayard’s novel of the same name. The film will tell us the story of a cunning cadet named Edgar Allan Poe, who is hired by a retired detective to solve a grisly murder at the US Military Academy.


The Last of Us

HBO Max shared the official trailer for the long-awaited series, where we can finally see important things that are related to the video game and also serves as a great introduction for those who do not know this world.

Gen V

In its eagerness to exploit the popularity of its franchise, Amazon Prime Video shared the first glimpse of the spin-off of The Boys. Gen V follows the experiences of a group of students attending Godolkin University’s Crime Fighting School. An American sup training academy run by Vought.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch-Season 2

Disney+ revealed the official trailer and the release date of the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. In the video we can see that some characters look older and there are even changes in the armor clothing of the protagonists. This story focuses on Bad Batch (Clone Force 99), an elite group of troopers experiments with genetic mutations.

In music

Paramore – The News

The News, the latest single from the American group comes with a music video, directed by Mike Kluge and Matthew DeLisi. The video features two versions of Hayley Williams, one looking half dead, the other trapped in a room with a TV and camera.

A$AP Rocky – shittin’ me

A$AP Rocky’s latest single, which is also the theme song for the racing game Need For Speed: Unboundalready has an official video, you can see the rapper die and be used as a puppet.


The British-Irish rock band shared the official video for 1049 GOTHOa song that emerges from his album Brutalism. In it, we can see its vocalist, Joe Talbot singing in the middle of a forest, while images appear gore.

AVATAR- The Dirt I’m Buried In

The Dirt I’m Buried In it emerges from his album Dance Devil Dance. The video stars Johannes Eckerström, who in his own words describes the video as “The stage is set, all that remains is to surrender and join the circus.”

In Videogames

Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon

In celebration of the Game Awards 2022, bayonet 3 won the category of best action game and boasted the announcement of Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demona title that is expected to be a kind of prequel to the video game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – “Shadows”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leaguee, the new Rocksteady game has made its appearance through a new trailer, where the presence of Batman and the release date of this game starring DC antiheroes are confirmed.

Diablo IV

Another announcement at the Game Awards was the release date of this acclaimed video game, next June 6, 2023. During the video we can see how hordes of demons rushed against the forces of Ignarius the Archangel. But Lilith’s rivals give her battle, achieving an apparent victory that does not seem to be final.

Death Stranding 2

The new sequel to the story of Sam Porter Bridges is confirmed, which will continue under the guidance of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions. In the video we can see the main cast of him and some of his most prominent characters.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Respawn Entertainment officially confirms the release date of the new installment. Through a video with Cal Kestis freeing someone from a water battery, to later put the mystery aside and put in sequences of the young but now experienced Jedi, we know that the video game will be released on March 15, 2023.

in technology

Google shares its annual roundup of trends in Year in Search 2022

Through a video, the company of the famous search engine shared in images the trending topics during this year. Among which we can see the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the trial against Johnny Depp and more.

MediaTek Dimensity 8200

MediaTek introduces its new high-end chip, the Dimensity 8200. With this new release, the company brings premium-end power and experiences to the immediate bottom segment of upcoming flagships accessible.

AT&T Mexico closes the year with 31 cities connected to 5G

One year after announcing the start of 5G deployment in the country, AT&T Mexico exceeds its initial goal of 25 cities, closing 2022 with 31 throughout the country.


The technology brand, TECNO, presented the new PHANTOM X2 Series, positioning itself as the first smartphone with retractable camera and the most important of the company so far.


TECNO also officially introduced a flagship-level laptop called the Megabook S1, which is the second model launched by the manufacturer. This is a high end laptop premiumwith elegant finishes and built with aluminum alloy.

In other corners of the Internet

Neymar inhales substance during match

The Brazilian soccer player was interdicted during his match against South Korea, where he is seen inhaling a substance provided by the player Casemiro. However, it was later revealed that he was a decongestant in the form of an ointment.

They throw a kitten during a conference in Qatar 2022

The press officer of the Brazilian National Team was criticized for the way he grabbed the cat that was on the conference table. Several Internet users already award them this action as the reason for their departure from the World Cup

Bear surprises father and son in Monterrey

A father and son were surprised by a bear while having dinner. Without fear of the mammal, the father and son kept calm and recorded the event.

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Videos: The Last of Us, Death Stranding 2…|

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