Wayra invests in the startup Champion Games

wayraTelefónica’s open innovation initiative, invests in Champion Games. The Barcelona video game studio has created metasoccer, the first metaverse in the world of football where you can manage your own club and generate income while you play. The game is aimed at both players of play-and-earnsuch as football fans interested in entering the metaverse and web3 gaming.

These online games allow players to earn rewards, with real-world value, by playing against other players and progressing through the game. These rewards come in the form of in-game assets such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs such as virtual stadiums and sports kits among others. All these actions are recorded in the blockchain, a public database on the Internet.

“For us it is a privilege to have Wayra as an investor in our company. We hope that all the knowledge and experience in the field of telecommunications and innovation can help us to consolidate our business”, he points out Marc Cercós, CEO and co-founder of Champion Games, creators of MetaSoccer

In 2021, Champion Gamers got a financing round of 2 million euros In which investors such as Play Ventures, ParaFI Capital, Defiance Capital or DAO Maker stand out, among others. The objective of the round was to lay the foundations to create the first sports metaverse with a new generation of digitally native soccer players and clubs in MetaSoccer, which in the coming years will reach ratings similar to those of professional soccer leagues.

To do this, it is investing in the hiring of specialized profiles in the development of Golang, React and onchain programming technologies in Solidity and, in addition, they are reinforcing marketing actions to give the project more visibility. For now they have already got the support of great players like Ronaldinho or Dani Carvajal and clubs like Vasco da Gama.

“Play-and-earn is causing a new paradigm in the gaming industry. The use of decentralized technologies opens up a new world of opportunities that are going to revolutionize the industry. Champion Games is being able to ride this wave and create a web3 game that can reach the mainstream audience. We are delighted to support this team of great professionals and we are sure that through Telefónica and Movistar collaboration opportunities with great potential can open up”, he affirms. Martha Antunez, Director of Wayra Barcelona.

A few months ago, Wayra launched the global call open2metaverse, to search for companies that are developing technology for the metaverse, in which 135 startups joined and 1625 startups from around the world were analyzed. Telefónica also organized on September 29 the Metaverse Daywhere Champion Games was presented as one of the startups of Web3 that the company is promoting.

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Wayra invests in the startup Champion Games

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