We have already (re)read All Star Superman

We all know the story of Superman. Or are there any of our readers who by now do not know the story of the last son of a dying planet whose parents sent him to Earth in a rocket, where he was raised by a couple of kindhearted farmers from the American Midwest, who at the same time in turn instilled in him great values ​​so that he would become an inspiration and the greatest hero the planet has ever known? No, it doesn’t ring a bell? Don’t worry, that’s easy to fix: inside images!

If after these four cartoons you have run to put on Youtube the theme of Superman from john williamsDon’t worry, it’s normal. Since what you have seen is the epic start of the comic that we bring you today, one of those works that will eventually become a classic (if it isn’t already). Is about All Star Supermana trip to the classic Superman at the hands of Grant Morrison
Frank Quitely, who through twelve chapters elevate the character to the category of Olympic god no less. and which, E.C.C.C. has been reissued in February in a single volume.

This exceptional story tells us about the last year of a dying man’s life Superman, who, infected by a strange excess of solar radiation, must settle all his pending issues, say goodbye to his family and friends, leave the Earth safely and donate an immortal legacy to the planet that welcomed him. Thus, during those last twelve months of his life, the Man of Steel will inadvertently carry out twelve great tasks that will turn his name into legend, making his essence transcend beyond death.

We have already (re)read All Star Superman

But the thing does not end there, so that this epic is covered with the appropriate aura of mysticism that it claims to have, the good gentlemen Morrison and Quitely take us to the aesthetics and approach of the Superman of the Silver age (50s and 60s). This is the only way to understand his Manichaean approaches, his large doses of fantasy and the great technological hyperbole in which this universe lives in cartoons. Oh, and let’s not forget the presence of the big S for Superman embroidered on the hero’s cape too, of course!

If at this point you are already interested in acquiring it, we tell you its price: 29 euro. Which justify the 328 pages in full color, the extras with sketches and comments by the artists and a paperback binding of the best on the market. But also, if the eisner awards of 2006 and 2007 that award it are not enough of an incentive to have it in your library, let the author of this report try to persuade you with his personal criticism.

A Superman for eternity

Despite the tenderness that has always inspired me, I have never been a devoted follower of Iron Man. That’s the truth. I’ve always felt much more comfortable with heroes like john constantine, Batman, spider-man, The captain America or even Slaughter. All of them characters with limitations against the unlimited power of the Last Son of Krypton. Nevertheless, All Star Superman He has managed to get me to become emotionally involved with the Man of Steel and even value working with him every day, more for mere pleasure than professional zeal.

We have already (re)read All Star Superman

The reason? Mainly his story. Grant Morrison does not resort to unexpected breaks with modern characters like
Superboy Primenor to extra threats such as DarkSeid
to end the hero’s life. No, instead it goes back to a basic approach: lex luthor like a megalomaniac psychopath, he concocts a plot to finish off his enemy and “it works out for him”. Spot.

All of this, of course, is intended to establish a parallel between Kal-El and the Greek heroes, some demigods, who after overcoming harsh ordeals were elevated to the status of deities on the verge of death. Since, more or less, that is what this story tells us. Except that instead of Thebes, minotaurs and a trip across the Styx, we have loci known to all: The Fortress of Solitude, the Daily Planet,
smallvilleMetropolis…..and regular characters in their most classic versions: Pa and Ma Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Lois LaneBizarre, etc. As you can see, some elements that any average geek apprentice who has seen TV series, Christopher Reeve or even read a loose comic, you will be able to identify and locate.

Although, of course, we must not forget that Morrison
intends to recreate the Silver age and hence he shoehorns us into little-known heroes such as Samsonor the Superman Squad, and even wink at the modern Superman by introducing a “doomsday“very sui generis during one of the chapters. Although they are forgivable sins for the sake of a fluid narrative that aims to surprise the reader with each new turn of the plot.

We have already (re)read All Star Superman

On the other hand, paying attention to the visual aspect, Frank Quitely does an exceptional job. From the bodily expression to the great beauty and variety of planes, to the very wealth of gestures of the characters, Quitely embroiders the illustrations. In particular, it is worth noting the skill with which he draws
Clark Kent Y Superman separately manages to trick us into believing that they are two different people. When all she does is put her glasses on or off, change the posture of her back and the hairstyle she sports! Amazing!

Of course, the digital inking of Jamie Grant also helps a lot. The colorist applies the bases of his work in
We3 to this comic endowing it with a luminescent aura typical of the most marvelous of the Silver age of the comic, so different, pure and innocent compared to that of its successors. So great is his Grant skill that the way he plays with light and makes the most of Quitely’s brushes and pencils is undoubtedly the third great value of this specimen.

We have already (re)read All Star Superman

As a final reflection, then, we can say that Superman All Star It is a very complete work, made for practically all audiences. Although unfortunately due to its subject matter, a horsefight between Greek myth and metahuman comics, those who will appreciate and enjoy it the most will be those readers with a profile that exceeds those initiated in the world of comics. However, it’s also a wise choice for those who want to dive in and get to know a more serious and high-quality superhero work than regular series usually offer.

In addition, thanks to its excellent binding, the quality of the paper, it is a luxury gift to give to anyone (or to ourselves, if applicable). Since, honestly, the 29 euros that the comic is worth is justified from the first to the last page in what is a story that not only does justice to
Supermanbut also lives up to its legend.

We would like to thank the writer of this post for this outstanding content

We have already (re)read All Star Superman

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