We invite you to a special fan event with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for ‘Black Adam’!

The DC Extended Universe at the Movies returns to the fray with Black Adam. The film starring Dwayne Johnson had to stop its premiere on two or three occasions because of the pandemic… And yes, the truth is that this just made the expectation grew in all those who hope to see it now.

Do you walk in those with all the emotion to the fullest? So hold on, we have a surprise for you. If you want to meet “The Rock” himself in person at a very special fan event, get into the dynamics which we explain below.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam/Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Everything ready for the premiere of ‘Black Adam’

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that Black Adam It will be a film that sets a milestone for the superhero genre in cinema. And well, as such, our protagonist is not a hero in the full sense of the word.

Known more as an antihero, this character will finally see his appearance on the big screen with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the one in charge of interpreting it. And next to him, we will have many more stars of the stature of Pierce Brosnanin addition to some of the new faces of Hollywood that have been breaking it big like Noah Centineo and Quintessa Swindell.

Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson dynamic fan event
Pierce Brosnan will have a role in ‘Black Adam’. Photo: Getty

And to all this, what will be the plot of the film? After a long time locked in a mystical prison, Black Adam will return to the world of mortals in the modern age.

With a power that resembles that of Superman and more properly that of Shazam (mere fans will already guess why), this extremely lethal being will attract attention not only for his abilities, but for his moral sense of dispensing justice in the most brutal ways possible. Let’s just say he has some pretty ‘flexible’ ways of acting for a conventional hero.

So you will meet the Justice Society of America, who will try to stop him and teach him about what they believe is the ideal of being a superhero. But in the midst of all this, he will soon face a threat far more dangerous than he ever could be. Something epic is coming, yes or no? The film opens in Mexico on October 20.

Well, now get ready to join our dynamic with which you will be able to meet Dwayne Johnson in a very special event that will take place in Mexico City. next monday 3rd of october.

This is the dynamic to win your access to the fan event with Dwayne Johnson

Follow the steps of the following dynamic correctly to win your access to the fan event in CDMX with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson prior to the premiere of Black Adam.

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3. Answer the following question: Who is the actress and her character Suicide Squad who will have an appearance in Black Adam? If you want a little help, over here We give them a hand so that they find the info before everyone else.

4. Sign in to THIS LINK and enter the answer to the previous question along with the other information requested (full name, telephone and email).

Clever! You are already competing to take a pass to the fan event with Dwayne Johnson which will take place in Mexico City next Monday, October 3.

Impressive: Check out the new trailer for 'Black Adam' with Dwayne Johnson here
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam/Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures


– This dynamic is only for adults.

– The dynamic begins this Wednesday, September 28 at 6:00 PM and ends during the afternoon of Thursday, September 29.

– We will announce the winners at the end of this note and we will also contact them via email with the instructions to follow to collect their access to the fan event.

– We will also notify you of the fan event details (location, time and more) by email.

– We reserve the right to discard participants for suspicious and/or malicious practices.

Here the winners of the dynamic

Andres Vazquez

alexis ramirez

Saul Eduardo Rivas Castillo

Eduardo Garcia Pineda

Ethan Alarcon Martinez

Jorge Alberto Contreras Cortes

Gerardo Calva Rodriguez

Jose Miguel Angelino Toriz

Mariana Elvira Castaneda Roldan

Rocio Guerrero Galindo

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We invite you to a special fan event with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for ‘Black Adam’!

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