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The UCM has been successful for several years among comic book fans, who have long waited for adaptations of their favorite heroes that could come together under the same concept. In general, it can be said that Marvel has developed its phases very well and although they have had some setbacks, they are still standing. The problem now is the conflict that arises from rescuing those characters that already had their own productions. Blade is one of the most striking and it is that there was the hope of seeing once again wesley snipes on paper, something that will not happen and that also killed his idea for Blade 4a project for which he wrote two different scripts.

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It’s hard to imagine a scenario where superhero movies didn’t dominate the billboard every few months, but it’s true that years ago this was unthinkable. Adaptations of comics and graphic novels have always existed, but as a genre they were considered very risky for producers. In addition to asking for a very large investment, the result could be disastrous if the fans were not satisfied. When Blade- 88% was released in 1998 the medium was shaken for many reasons and although it was not so well received by specialized critics, viewers were more than satisfied, thus beginning a new stage for these films.

without the success of Blade, which over the years continues to gain a following and improve its cult status, the MCU simply wouldn’t exist. Everyone already knows that the movie saved Marvel studios, but its success is not limited to this. The tape proved that superhero projects should not necessarily be for children and that there was a good space for those darker and more violent characters. In the end, its success and Snipes’ early commitment led to the creation of a fairly profitable franchise.

Blade II- 59%directed by William of the Bullis considered by many to be the best of the saga, while Blade:Trinity- 26% is seen as the simplest, especially since it spent more time on the action than on the horror and mythology of the character. For years, fans have asked for more tapes within this universe, but when it was confirmed that the vampire hunter hero would be part of the MCU, things changed and many are not happy with the decision to replace wesley snipes by Mahershala Ali .

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Technically Blade has already appeared within the UCM with a voice cameo in one of the post-credits scenes of Eternals- 58%, but we haven’t seen the actor in character yet and his solo movie will begin filming in a few months. Despite this, several fans still proclaim that the role should go to Snipes and that they should at least bring him back for a role in the reboot and that nostalgia once again does its thing. Of course, some more do not lose hope that, in some way, they will allow the original saga to follow its own course, thus having two different versions of Blade, and there was a time when the actor was working very hard to release a fourth installment.

In interview with comicbook.com, wesley snipes He assured that thanks to the success of the first three tapes, he was sure that the production company would give the green light to another sequel, which he immediately began to work on:

In fact, we wrote two scripts. We have two versions of a story that would have fit well in the world of Blade. But since we didn’t go that route and didn’t knock on the door again, we modified them and now use them for something else. So I have two Blade assassins.

The actor produced the original trilogy and was always very involved with the development of the character, so he already had several ideas to continue with that. Despite the fact that a fourth installment will be impossible now that the rights are not in his hands, Snipes assures that he never approached Kevin Feig to talk about a possible return or something similar. Similarly, the interpreter says that he accepts the change and that he is not upset about ceasing to be Blade.

With wesley snipes being the great figure of Blade, some forget that the character had already run his course with Blade: The Seriesa program released in 2006 where the hunter was played by Kirk Jones and that served as a sequel to Blade: Trinity. The series only had one season and it divided the fans quite a lot. Mahershala Ali will have the opportunity to deliver a new vision of Blade that will benefit from the use of other characters with whom he constantly interacts in the comics and who could not be used in the first films for legal reasons.

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Wesley Snipes wrote two scripts for Blade 4 | tomatoes

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