What became of Tom Welling: from Superman in ‘Smallville’ to a private life as Clark Kent

In the first decade of the 2000s, one of the series that took the most prominence on the small screen was ‘Smallville‘. A DC Comics production with which they pushed the character of Batman away from theaters thanks to the interpretation of Tom Welling.

It was between the years 2001 and 2011with ten seasons in between and 218 episodes when the series conquered millions of people around the world, bringing this young actor born in New York to fame.

But before incarnating himself as Clark Kent, Welling He has already participated in other television series, such as ‘Judging Amy’, ‘Special Unit 2′ and ‘Undeclared’; all of them in 2001, at the moment in which ‘Smallville’ was released, a moment in which fame came to the door of the actor, whose cache began to rise as the seasons passed, and thus the offers justify them received from other projects.

The most curious thing about his time on ‘Smallville’ is that he himself specified in his contract that he would not wear the Superman suit in the series, as the series focused on the character of Clark Kent. Even in the last chapter, Tom Welling almost did not appear, when he had to wear the superhero logo in one of the last scenes.

He tried his luck in Hollywood

As his fame with the series rose, Tom Welling decided to try his luck in Hollywood just two years after the series premiere, making his debut with ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’where he shared screen hours with Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt Y Hillary Duff, among others. She also starred ‘The Fog’although without much luck at that time.

The series was going well, and director Brett Rattner decided to approach Tom Welling to star in a new movie about Superman after seeing his strong performance in the series. However, he ended up rejecting the offer.

After finishing the series, in 2011, Tom Welling opted to change sides in the cinema, going behind the cameras, as executive producer on the series ‘Hellcats’, where it did not go too well, and it only lasted one season. But this was not the end of the actor, and it is that he resumed his activity two years later, in 2013, with the film ‘Parkland‘, and with another tape the following year, ‘Draft Day‘.

The world of television knocked on his door again, hand in hand with a DC Comics project, he would no longer be Clark Kent, but would appear in the third season of the series ‘Lucifer‘, where he played Lieutenant Marcus Pierce.

What does he currently do?

After achieving fame at the hands of Superman, Tom Welling decided to move away from the media spotlight of a Hollywood star when he married Jessica Rose Lee, with whom he also has two children. “I don’t want to be a celebrity just for the sake of being a celebrity… I want to work and then go home and live privately”, Welling declared in an interview with ‘YM’ magazine.

But, although he is not looking for fame, Tom Welling does continue to work on what he likes, as an actor, and that is that he recently shared the spotlight with brendan fraser Y Elena Anaya in ‘professionals‘.

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What became of Tom Welling: from Superman in ‘Smallville’ to a private life as Clark Kent

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