What differentiated The Rock from the rest in WWE?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the guest star on the variety show “El Hormiguero” on Antena 3 (Spanish channel) since passed through Madrid to present his latest film “Black Adam”. The leading program in its time slot, to which rock came for the third time, he did not miss the opportunity to ask, to the now highest paid actor in Hollywood, about his career as a wrestler WWE and how she lives the development of her eldest daughter, Simone Johnson, in the company that gave him all the fame in the world In addition to commenting on what differentiated him from the rest of the cast’s fighters.

► As a father, do you want your daughter to dedicate herself to professional wrestling?

It is true that as a father things always look different when they happen to you. The Rock lived the greatest of glories and the biggest of dreams WWE following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, among other members of the family) but now she faces a difficult decision, and that is that her eldest daughter, Simone Johnson better known among current fighters as Ava Raineabout a year ago began training at the Performance Center in Orlando to follow the family lineage, something that The Rock confessed, although he doesn’t like it too much because he knows how sacrificial that lifestyle ishe has no choice but to accept it:

“As a father I want her to do what her heart tells her to do and when I found out and she told me that she wanted to dedicate herself to wrestling I thought: ‘I don’t know if I want it to because it is really a difficult and stressful business’. It is very very hard physically and mentally and very hard also for relationships because you don’t have free time. When I was engaged in wrestling he fought 250 nights a year in 250 different citiesevery night a different city for years and that’s a lot of stress for a relationship and for your body… for everything and I didn’t want that for her but finally I’ve seen that she loves it and if she likes it, As a father, what I have to do is support her.So go ahead.”

The Rock and his daughter Simone Johnson

► What differentiated The Rock from the rest of the fighters?

«What made the differences for me in wrestling was that I didn’t mind being the one who shouted the mostI didn’t want that nor did he want to be the greatest because in professional wrestling there are many fighters bigger than me, not even the one who made the most spectacular jumps. What I wanted to do every night was connect with the publiclike a TV presenter that people go crazy with when he’s on camera. I wanted to connect every night and to get it what helped me a lot was listening to the fans because in that world the fans shout a lot and they tell you where you have to go in the middle of a fight or on the bus; I have always listened to them and that is what distinguished me from the rest…as well as being very handsome.”

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What differentiated The Rock from the rest in WWE?

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