What if Wonder Woman was a man? DC Comics has already answered this question 3 times

Being a clear symbol of women, Wonder Woman is a tremendously important DC Comics character, but it seems that she has had male versions.

the world of comics It is wonderful to be able to try different versions of our favorite characters, since the fact that there is a multiverse can lead to a large number of different versions. we don’t get tired of to be able to enjoy this type of plotseven in the cinema we have been able to see this with films like Spider-Man: No Way Home or Doctor Strange 2. In one way or another we greatly enjoy see our heroes and heroines in other versions.

Inside the editorial DC Comics have been able to see many versions of our most emblematic characters, either by being a succession or generational change or belonging to another universe, directly. For the case that today compete we are going to talk about a change of sex in a figure that you wouldn’t think could have it. We are talking about Wonder Woman, a superheroine who is a banner for women, both inside and outside the comic and who seems to have had some male version.

Being something that it can crash quite a bitthe DC publisher has managed to present us with some versions of the character in which he is a man, but surely due to the fact that Wonder Man existed in Marvel, they have not tried to give him much fame, since would be stepping on what seems to be an interesting character for the MCU in the near future. However, today we are going to analyze the different male versions of Wonder Woman, some with a lot to do with Diana and some not.

Wonder Woman as a man, something that can clash in the DC Comics universe

For the first case we have to go back many years, basically to the Silver Age of Superman comics, since the first Wonder Man that the DC publisher would see would be a copy of the last son of Krypton. Mimicking almost all of his powers, he was giving the hero of Metropolis some trouble and time later it was discovered that it was a robot created by an extraterrestrial race in order to imitate the great power that Superman presented. In an attempt to make him an ally, this character performed a self-destruct mechanism, which made it not appear again.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Diana’s past was closely related to Greek mythology, something that would make the second bearer of the Wonder Man name appear, which was none other than Hercules, the son of Zeus. After the events of Infinite Crisis there was a time when Diana was not seen so much, who was replaced by Hercules wearing an outfit very similar to hers. The truth is that he did not hit that outfit very well, but you have to break a spear in favor of this Wonder Man.

Let’s end this list with a non-canon version of the main universe of DC in the comics, since it is about Earth 11. It was known through a single issue where we were presented with a DC Comics universe where men were women and women were men, so that we have an origin for Wonder Man much closer to Dianaso that it is the only male version of all these that really takes the baton from the Amazon.

Which of these versions of Wonder Woman in DC Comics do you prefer?

As you can see, each of these three male versions of Wonder Woman It has its own characteristics, something that means that there are not so many similarities or that they are versions of other universes. Only one of them shares all the key elements of Diana’s character and It has not had as much prominence as expected that she had since she is a version of Wonder Woman herself but from another universe and being a man.

in the MCU we will be able to enjoy your own Wonder Man, something that doesn’t have much to do with the ones we just saw, but we wanted to be able to analyze the different versions that the male part of the most famous Amazon had in DC. from hereI encourage you to share with us if you knew all these versions and which of all you would stay with, since, although they have not had much prominence, something attractive they do have.

Wonder Woman - DC Comics

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What if Wonder Woman was a man? DC Comics has already answered this question 3 times

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