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What is the name of the fox horse

Zorro’s horse, one of the best-known characters on television, has a curious name: rocinante.

Zorro, whose real name is Diego de la Vega, is a fictitious Hispanic-Californian vigilante, and the inseparable companion of his adventures is rocinante.

Why had it been given this name? This is a question that has never been officially answered. However, there are several theorists who have tried to analyze the story behind Zorro’s horse.

Rocinante a Reference to Don Quixote

Many believe that the name of rocinante is a reference to one of the horses of the famous knight Don Quixote de la Mancha. In the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes, Rocinante is the slow horse, the oldest of Don Quixote, but also the most endearing. In fact, Don Quixote baptizes him that way due to the situation of his horse: ‘rocín’ in Spanish means ‘castrated and helpless’.

Rocinante Characteristics

Rocinante is a silky horse with fine features, very similar in appearance to Zorro’s horse. It is characterized by its great resistance and its extreme loyalty. In addition, Zorro’s horse has earned the appreciation of viewers in the same way as his master.


Definitely, rocinante It is the name of Zorro’s horse, a mysterious horse that is characterized by its loyalty, resistance and shared adventures with the fictional hero. Thanks to these features, it has won the hearts of its viewers.

What happened to Zorro’s horse?

He died in a film where there were shots, the animal fell into a ravine and had multiple fractures, for which it had to be sacrificed. Ghost. Zorro’s horse was a symbol of justice on the 1960s television show. His name was Rey.

What breed is the Tornado horse?

It is a Dutch Friesian, a breed from the Friesland region of the Netherlands.

What is the name of Zorro’s horse?

We all know the mythical Zorro character that most of us probably remember the adventures and appearance of. And most likely, we also have engraved in our memory those images where the Fox was moving on the back of his famous horse.

Zorro’s horse is called Toronjo

The question that surely all of us have asked ourselves at some point is what Zorro’s horse is called. Those who have seen any of the various adaptations of the character will find the answer to this question, since all of them show the name and title of the horse for which we loved to see Zorro riding.

Zorro’s horse is called Toronjo. Name assigned in honor of its coloration: a chestnut with such force that it is reminiscent of the hue of a grapefruit.

Some characteristics of Toronjo

The size of a very tall horse, almost two meters from the cross between an Arabian stallion and a Criollo Peruvian mare, Toronjo was graceful and swift. He had a lot of class and was endowed with a good-natured but at the same time bold personality.

It should be noted that it is on this horse that Zorro used to let out his war cry: “To the castle! Let’s gooooo!»

Zorro’s horse turned legend

In this way, Toronjo has gone down in history as a legend that lives in the memory of the public through the various film adaptations of the adventures of Zorro and the numerous fairy tales and legends that it has generated.

Therefore, we already know the name of Zorro’s horse. A horse that has transcended into popular culture and is part of the collective imagination of many of us.

Next, we leave you some interesting facts about Toronjo:

  • Fast and agile.
  • Loving and affectionate.
  • Smart and bold.
  • Affectionate with children.

What is the name of your Zorro horse?

Without a doubt, Tornado as a horse was Zorro’s great companion in his adventures to impose justice. In the movie “The Mask of Zorro”, Zorro’s horse is played by the Andalusian gelding named Tornado. Tornado is trained to do various tricks how to jumpspin and dance.

Fox’s horse

What is the name of Zorro’s horse?

Zorro is a fictional character famous for his cunning and swordsmanship. Zorro uses his horse to travel the country in search of injustices to remedy. Many fans of this famous fiction have wondered what is the name of his horse?

Zorro’s horse is known as “the sorrel horse of the desert,” but its full name is rocinante. This was a deliberate choice, as it was inspired by the mount of the famous knight Don Quixote, also called Rocinante. Although Don Quixote’s horse was a rickety jaco, Zorro’s horse was a beautiful, agile and fast animal.

Next, you will discover some other characteristics of Rocinante, Zorro’s horse:

  • It is brown in color.
  • It comes from a long line of Arabian horses.
  • It is a very intelligent horse and capable of understanding orders.
  • He can run and jump over obstacles with amazing dexterity.

In addition to being Zorro’s faithful sidekick, Rocinante also seems to have a mind of his own and a certain willingness to have things his own way, which makes him all the more iconic.

In summary

The famous Zorro’s horse is known as Rocinante. Although his abilities are second to none, his unique mind also allows him to do extraordinary things without the help of his owner.

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What is the name of the Fox Horse – Relax Type ▷➡️

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