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What is the name of Thor’s ax

Thor, the mighty god of thunder, is one of the best-known characters in the Marvel universe. Probably one of Thor’s most iconic items is his axe, Mjölnir. Many fans are interested in knowing what Thor’s ax is actually called.

The True Name of Thor’s Ax

Mjölnir is the true name of Thor’s axe, a tool embedded with magic. In Norse mythology, Mjölnir was the means of expressing Thor’s power and destroying him. During his lifetime, he was Thor’s mighty agent of justice and would not stray from him.

Mjölnir has a deep meaning: “Mjöll” means “dust” and “Nir” means “hammer”. Together, they form the term “Mjölnir”, which translates as “hammer to pulverize dust”. The powder with which Mjölnir pulverizes almost immediately anything it comes in contact with.

Characteristics of Mjölnir

Mjölnir is a formidable tool. Along with his abilities to fan the elements of nature (such as thunder, lightning, and storms) during combat, he has the following attributes:

  • Automatic Return: Thor’s Ax possesses an attribute known as “auto return”. This means it will return to Thor no matter where you cast it.
  • Invincibility: Mjölnir is immune to mortal wounds.
  • Ability Energy: Mjölnir is covered with a mystical energy that increases Thor’s strength and stamina when he wields it.
  • Restricted Accessibility: Only those people who are given permission by Thor to touch Mjölnir are able to lift it.

Mjölnir is a tool of enormous power and without it, Thor would not be the same. Although it was made by the best blacksmiths, it is influenced by magic. It is a treasure for fans!

What is Thor’s ax called in English?

It’s time for you to see the “Storbreaker”. When he declined to keep his prize, Odin commissioned an equally powerful hammer called Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker is the hammer that Thor uses in the movie “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017).

What is the name of Thor’s ax and how is it pronounced?

In Norse mythology, Mjölnir (IPA pronunciation: /ˈmjœlnɪr/) (Old Norse Mjǫllnir, Icelandic Mjölnir, Danish and Norwegian Mjølner, Swedish Mjölner) is the hammer of the god Thor.

What is the name of Thor’s axe?

Thor’s axe, also known by its Latin name as Mjöllnir, is the main tool of the Norse god of thunder, Thor. This versatile weapon allows Thor to be the most powerful god of his class, even considering Odin himself.

About Mjöllnir

Mjöllnir sounded when in motion, giving Thor some very special additional characteristics. This weapon had also acquired a legend, with the belief among the Norse that anyone who managed to lift Thor’s hammer would be deemed worthy to bear it.

And not only Thor could do with Mjöllnir, but the hammer could also:

  • Shame the gods. Since it allowed Thor to do things that the other gods couldn’t.
  • To fly. Thor could use Mjöllnir to fly like a kite.
  • Return your blows. Legend said that the hammer always returned to the hand of the one who threw it.
  • Manipulate the energies. Mjöllnir allowed Thor to control electricity.
  • Annihilate the enemies. Its destructive power swept away all threats that came its way.


Mjöllnir is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful weapons that have ever existed. According to Norse mythology, Thor was the only god worthy of carrying his axe. Many of its characteristics made it practically invincible. This has become a legend that lives forever.

What are the 2 hammers of Thor called?

Thor’s hammer is called Mjolnir. It is an extremely durable weapon, made from the Asgardian metal Uru by the god Odin (Anthony Hopkins), father of Thor. It became the favorite weapon of the Norse god, accompanying the superhero in most of his adventures. There is also another hammer similar to that of Mjolnir called Jarnbjorn, also used by Thor in a time before the acquisition of Mjolnir. Both hammers are forged from the metal Uru, each with its own magical qualities.

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What is the name of Thor’s Ax – Relax Type ▷➡️

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