What movies to see this weekend on HBO Max, Netflix and MovistarPlus +: Morbius, the second of Wonder Woman and a young “reformed” radical

Once again and like every Friday, we come loaded with film news that we are going to recommend for this weekend in May. Prepare popcorn here we come with 3 recommendations from HBO Max, Netflix and MovistarPlus +.

We are beginning to notice the entrance of autumn, the rain, the bad weather… and we leave behind those days of light until 10 at night. However, nothing stops us and we return once again, like every Friday, to offer you the news of films that some bring platformsfor this weekend.

This time we come with 3 recommendations of the platforms of HBO Max, Netflix and Movistar Plus + for you to enjoy to the fullest, with good cinema.

On the one hand, and between the three films that we bring you, we come with the second Wonder Woman movie, which despite being released in 2020, now reaches hbo max; Morbius and a lazy, according to critics, Jarde Leto and, finally, Alacrán Enamorado, a story of a reconverted radical who must fight against his very present past.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), HBO Max

In 1984, after saving the world in Wonder Woman (2017), the immortal Amazon warrior, Princess Diana of Themyscira, You’ll find yourself trying to keep a low profile, working as an archaeologist at the Smithsonian Museum.

However, she will be involved in a conspiracy when a transparent and gold-colored gem catches the attention of the businessman, Maxwell Lord. The events will take the world to the brink of the abyss, and Diana must face the dilemma of whether Wonder Woman will be able to save humanity once again.

It is available from October 19 on HBO Max.

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Morbius (2022), MovistarPlus+

Dr Michael MorbiusNobel Prize-winning scientist, suffers from a rare genetic blood disorder and knows he doesn’t have much time And after years of failed attempts to find a cure, Morbius seems to be running out of options.

However, and while our protagonist played by Jared Leto is desperate, he decides to risk his life to get results, an unstable and highly experimental serum that offers a solution to the problem, although it won’t really turn out the way he wants it to.

From today, October 21, it is available on MovistarPlus +.

Scorpion in Love (2013), Netflix

Julián (Álex González) is the leader of a group of young radicals, a boy full of anger, poisoned by hate. Nevertheless, there is something good inside that lasts. He will discover her in a boxing gym, thanks to Carlomonte, an alcoholic ex-boxer.

There, Julián will learn to fight with rules, he will gradually empty himself of hatred and discover love for Alyssa, a young black woman who works at the gym. Julián will have to make a decision when his former comrades put them all to the test…

It has already been premiered in Netflix.

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What movies to see this weekend on HBO Max, Netflix and MovistarPlus +: Morbius, the second of Wonder Woman and a young “reformed” radical

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