What must Batman figure out and that involves the entire DC Universe?

In Flashpoint Beyond, Batman is shown investigating a possible murder, which may involve the entire DC Omniverse.


Flashpoint Beyond #0 presents Batman reviewing a crime scene, some of the Clues found show that a terrible crime may have occurred and the answer to what happened may lie in the DC Universe..

What case does Batman investigate in Flashpoint Beyond?

In the comic Geoff Johns Y Eduardo Riso, Batman is looking at a lab that is pretty much trashed, investigating what happened. The only clues to him are ticking clocks, some blood spatter, a number of historical artifacts, a time dial with bullet holes, and a blackboard with cryptic clues. As Batman continues his investigation, he discovers a notepad with what appears to be an outline of the entire DC Universe continuum written on it..

Batman is clearly investigating a possible murderthe curious thing is who could be the victim. The slate with prophetic fragments and a Time Sphere are the trademark possessions that are registered by Rip Hunter, Master of Time. It seems that Batman is in Hunter’s base of operations that exists at the end of time. Clues found at the crime scene indicate something terrible happened.

Keep in mind that Rip Hunter has the knowledge of almost everything that has ever happened in history, including alternate timelines and universal catastrophes.. Besides, she would know things about him. DC Omniverse and evidently, he would be a target for anyone who wanted to use that information.

New meaning of DC

Flashpoint Beyond #0 also reveals that the Dark Knight is using the name “Divine Continuum” to describe what the Omniverse containsas Batman is trying to crack the code of the universe and comes up with the all-encompassing term to describe the DC Universe and his own timeline.

The DC Universe has never had a general name which relates the “DC” part to the actual universe in the comics.. Instead, it was a way of referencing DC Comics, What does it really mean Detective Comics. However, with the Multiverse and Omniverse being explored, Batman has established a term that describes everything, as he connects the “Divine Continuum” in Flashpoint Beyond issue zero.

The main story focuses on the return of thomas wayne to the Flashpoint universe, where one of the biggest twists occurs in the comic’s second epilogue, which reveals Batman’s investigations regarding the shifting timeline and the Time Masters, showing what they’ve been working on. You can get to appreciate the notes of Batman, where the term “Divine Continuum” with “D” and “C” in a circle, which is divided into two groups, “Space” and “Time”, giving a new meaning to ” DC” in the comic book universe.

flashpoint beyond batman

The “Space” (known as the omniverse) is divided into multiverse (which in turn is divided into the metaversealso known as Prime Earth) and the dark multiverse; meanwhile, the Omniverse splits directly into the Sphere of the Godswhich is where Heaven, Hell and Apokolips exist.

Meanwhile, the “Weather” (known as hypertime) divides into two distinct connective tissues, the Limbo and the Vanishing Point; the latter is where the masters of timeincluded Rip Hunter. The Divine Cointuum, also known as “DC”is one of the simplest ways the comics have depicted his connection to the DC Universe.

Now, Batman’s investigations into time and space become more complicated with the arrival of corky baxter, a former Master of Time. He comments to Batman that he hopes his timeline alteration will lead to Rip Hunter bringing the group back together. Baxter adds that he can already guess how Hunter will change his timeline due to his interference.

A reunion between Batman and Hunter may be coming soon, as the Master of Time may offer the answers the hero is seeking about the timeline and how it works.

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What must Batman figure out and that involves the entire DC Universe?

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