What would Abrams’ Superman have been like? Several discarded conceptual arts show us

Some time ago the possibility of bringing this project was ruled out, although we have already been able to see what Abrams’ Superman would look like if it had made it to the movies

Abrams Superman

As the years go by, the possible adaptations of our favorite characters They go from hand to hand and from project to project. Many times it is difficult to be able to hit what can be done and in DC Comics it is something totally habitual observing the repercussion and the problems they have been having. The early 2000s was a good time to go back to bring us franchises of its two great heroesso they were not going to miss the opportunity.

Both Superman and Batman they had some new versions in the cinema through new movies, some better than others. The trilogy centered on the Gotham Knight got a spectacular reception, but the case that concerns the last son of krypton, the truth is that it was quite disastrous. However, not everything was going to be as it was for Superman, since at the beginning of this new century, director JJ Abrams crafted a script that caught the attention of Warner and that almost caused him to have his trilogy with the character.

Although he did not have the green light to continue, and everything remained in a mere anecdoteyears later it has been re-theorized on the possibility of an Abrams Superman, but there is material from this entire project that he had in hand. More than 20 years after all this happened, it has been possible to see part of the conceptual art of this tapewhich was part of what was shown for draw the attention of the studio that was going to pay to make this film.

Abrams Superman

Some concept art of Superman with the vision of JJ Abrams

We have already been commenting, but the idea was quite simple: seek to relaunch the characters most emblematic of the publisher in their corresponding trilogies. Superman couldn’t stay behind after the great success of its most classic version with Christopher Reeve, so they were looking for a big deployment. Abrams, back then, it was not about the director as acclaimed as until nowsince he had not yet made his way through Star Trek or Star Wars, something that would make all this difficult.

As we already know, JJ Abrams did not get to direct or prepare any project about the character, but what is true is that he tried to elaborate all the necessary documentation to make it attractive. Time after, ryan unicomb, in charge of various elements within some films Warner, has shown part of the illustrated script, which may show part of the ambition that Abrams had, in addition to the appearance of his Superman, a slimmer version of what we’ve grown accustomed to with the great Henry Cavill.

The images that has been able to show let us see an aspect of Superman close to what was wanted to see, since Josh Hartnett was going to be one of those who had the most ballots to play the character. Along with this, it was also possible to see some finishes of what Metropolis and Krypton itself would look likethings that were later entirely discarded by the studio, since the entire script that Abrams did had directing and production problems, until it was entirely discarded.

What will DC Comics do next?

There is no doubt that the JJ Abrams version of the character it would have been quite shocking to viewers, but due to various problems in finding producers and directors, it never came to light. After what this will be stuckthe study decided to bet on Bryan Singer to continue the legacy that Abrams had left, assuming what would be released in 2006 with Superman Returnswhich also did not come to fruition after a single delivery.

The closest thing we have had, in these times, to a new Superman trilogy has been what Zack Snyder has managed to do with the three films where he has some prominence. It is currently unknown what will happen to the character, since Henry Cavill seems that it will not remain and that from Warner they want to bet on a new face for the last son of Krypton. You, which side are you on?

Abrams Superman

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What would Abrams’ Superman have been like? Several discarded conceptual arts show us

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