Who are the scariest evil versions of Superman in DC Comics?

Throughout the history of cartoons we have seen different versions of evil Superman in the comic, in the following list we compile the most terrifying

Superman He is the quintessential superhero. the character of DC Comics created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster It has always been characterized as a symbol of truth, hope and justice for all humanity. A being that contains incredible power, but decides to use it to make the world a better place.

That’s him Clark Kent that we all know, but There is a DC Multiverse with different Earths and alternate versions of Superman. And not all of these versions of the Man of Steel are altruistic heroes looking out for the good of humanity. Either because of an experiment, a tragic event or simply because they are evil in themselves; Meet these evil versions of the world’s most famous superhero.

We leave you the versions of Superman who are villains in the comics, characters who do not believe in “truth, justice and a better tomorrow”


During a trip to Tibet, the Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen of the Earth-45 they built a machine to turn thoughts into reality. They thought of a possible use for it and created a thoughtform called Superman.

The problem was that the only way to realize a project on the scale of this reality-bending device was to get the financial backing of the mega-corporation. overcorpwho proceeded to use the machine to create the evil entity known as Super Sunday. This Earth gradually succumbed to the allure of corporate control, ultimately becoming a fascist reflection of Overcorp’s will. Today, the Superdoomsday logo and image covers almost every part of the planet.

After imposing himself on his universe, he went in search of his counterparts on other parallel Earths to destroy them, until he was defeated by the Man of Steel from Earth-0 and Earth-23.

superman super doom

Earth Superman 9

East superman of the earth 9 It may be the most different from the original version that we all know. From his physical appearance, his name or his powers. Harvey Dent he was a normal man who lived in a small town in the United States. An organization conducted an experiment in the small town where Harvey lived to create more superhumans in order to win the Cold War and introduced an evolutionary accelerator into the local population. Only Harvey Dent survived.

Later Harvey tried to save a man from committing suicide by jumping off a building. Trying to save him, the two fell, but Dent did not suffer any scratches. This event triggered the activation of the incredible mental AND psychic powers that he acquired with the experiment.

Dent was a hero for a long time, but then he decided that the best thing for Earth was to become the absolute leader of his world, controlling everything, becoming a dictator in the process. Finally, he arrives at the Earth-0 (the traditional DC universe) he tries to do the same thing he did on his planet, but is stopped by Superman and the DC heroes.

the superman


First of all, to talk about this character we have to talk about what happened to the Man of Steel from Earth-2. East Superman has a similar origin story to his in-universe counterpart DC that we all know. During a Steppenwolf invasion of Earth; Batman, Wonder Woman and the Man of Steel die saving the world from invasion.

After a time of peace, Darkseid invades the Earth again and to do so creates a Man of Steel clone who is completely loyal to the lord of Apokolips and what is called brutal. This evil clone started rampaging through the Earth until he was stopped by Val-Zod, the new Superman of Earth 2.

brutal superman

Superman Prime/Superboy Prime

Having an origin similar to Superman that we all know, this Clark Kent comes from Prime Earth. This universe is very similar to the real world and DC characters are comic book characters.

Clark had the life of a normal teenager until one night he developed his powers. At that very moment, a Superman from another Earth would recruit him to fight the Anti-Monitor in the event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths. After this confrontation, his home universe would be destroyed. This fact would cause Superman Prime to become obsessed with recovering his universe of origin in any way possible, triggering his madness and becoming a supervillain.

This character, in addition to having the same powers as the Man of Steel, he wears armor constructed from the remains of the Anti-Monitor. This armor endows him with unlimited solar energy that increases his power level.

superman prime

ultra man

This version of the superhero comes from Earth-3a universe that serves as a dark reflection to the DC Universe traditional of Earth-0. In this universe, heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern are evil.

Ultraman is a purely evil version of Superman. Its origin is also somewhat similar. ultra man was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, but when he no longer needed them, he murdered them. Later he founded the crime syndicate and they ruled their world. This group is made up of evil versions of the Justice League such as Olwman, Super Woman, Johnny Quick or Power Ring.

It has the same powers as the last son of kryptonthe only difference is that Ultraman gets stronger with kryptonite.

ultraman superman

lord superman

A curious case with this Iron Man lies in the fact that his first appearance was not in a comic but in the Justice League animated series. This Man of Steel comes from the Earth-50. In this universe the man of steel belongs to the Justice Lordsa group of heroes turned villains who act as the counterpart of the League of Justice.

on earth this Supermanthe point that makes Justice Lords turning into villains is the election of Lex Luthor as President of the United States. As president, Luthor almost brought America to ruin and to the brink of a war that could destroy the planet. Also, publicly executed the Flash of his universe.

This was the breaking point for the Justice Lords, who showed up at the White House to arrest President Luthor. Finally, the Man of Steel kills Luthor. This auspicious act the Masters of Justice decided to control world governments as global dictators and maintain total control of the population, eradicating evil at the cost of suppressing rights and freedoms of all citizens of the planet.


Superman from Injustice

This is the evil version of the Kryptonian best known to all and on which the history of comics and video games revolves. injustice. in this universe, Clark Kent He starts out being the superhero we all know. Also, He is in a relationship with Lois Lane and they are expecting a child.

But an evil plan The Joker causes the hero’s downfall. The Joker manipulates Superman through Kryptonite and the Scarecrow’s fear gas. what for think Lois Lane is Doomsday and kill her. Also, the joker He put a detonator in Lois Lane’s body connected to her heartbeat. If it stopped beating, a nuclear bomb would explode in Metropolis.

Superman had lost everything: His wife, his future son and his city. After that, Superman He goes to the interrogation room where Batman retains the joker and, before the astonished gaze of the Dark Knight, Superman kills the Joker.

Superman after this tragic event imposes a global dictatorship and decides to control the world to eradicate evil and crime on Earth. Many members of The Justice League join him as Green Lantern, Shazam or Wonder Woman. Instead, Batman cannot allow this and assembles a group with other DC heroes and anti-heroes to overthrow Superman’s new regime. The entire confrontation between these two sides is narrated in the comics and video games of injustice.

superman injustice

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Who are the scariest evil versions of Superman in DC Comics?

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