Why do ‘NCIS’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’ never end?

And what about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (13) and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (11)? The difference with the rest is that they do talk about these,either by the crazy turns of Shonda Rhimes (the first great television creator who has been signed by Netflix) or because sheldon cooper comedy it remains the most successful in the United States. Something similar happens with ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’. The first is currently the oldest series with 25 installments, and the second has 16, but they still bait series fans with their satires on North America and their controversial outbursts.

Although you may think otherwise, that these series are still broadcast makes all the sense in the world: they simply work. According to December 2017 data‘The Big Bang Theory’ was the most watched space of the year in the United States (only behind football), with 18 million viewers (to give you an idea, the most followed Spanish titles usually get 3), and ‘NCIS’ (in Spain we knew it as ‘Navy’) brought together 16.5. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, for example, recorded a figure of almost 12 millionand ‘Hawaii Five-0’ around 11. And all this without leaving the 20 most watched broadcasts of 2017. But when we talk about working, we’re not just referring to the audience…

Programmers, who are in charge of deciding where on the grid to include some programs or others, could enlighten us much better about these secrets: there are series that simply serve to make the audience of a time slot grow facing the next (this is how they have worked, for example, ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Anthill’ in Spain ). Nor can we forget the power of franchises: ‘NCIS’ has had four fictions from city to city, something like ‘CSI’, which had up to four (‘Cyber’, from 2015, was the last). They follow the example of ‘Law and order’, with six different productions over a period from 1990 to the present. It is key when it comes to perpetuating formulas in related audiences.

If we think about it, what of these fictions is not so different from what happens in Spain with ‘Cuéntame how it happened’ and ‘La que se avecina’, with 17 and 11 seasons : You may think that they have no relevance, but if you look at their audience figures, you will see that what they do have are followers. Taking a walk through this universe of small fictions that already sound like Chinese to you is the ideal excuse to vindicate the classic formats of the small screen. We refer in particular to the procedural, the one that works with “the case of the week”, and that ranges from the police genre to the medical one, passing through the legal one. It is the formula that works best because it is a safe bet: if someone misses an episode, he can re-enlist without any problem the following week.

In fact, it is illustrative to return to that question of why we don’t watch series like ‘Game of Thrones’ on free-to-air Spanish television. The success of HBO did not convince the majority public when it was broadcast on Antena 3 (We’ll see what happens with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ on the same chain, in a few weeks), but you will be surprised to remember that fictions like ‘Navy’ or ‘The Mentalist’ survived for years in Cuatro. Maybe not with large audiences, but with the perseverance of lifelong viewers. It is also the perfect opportunity to reconcile ourselves with the figure of the screenwriter : When people watch series like ‘Game of Thrones’, we can have our own.

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Why do ‘NCIS’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’ never end?

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