Why Predator is so popular

The Predator saga has just expanded with the movie Prey, which is being a success on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

In 1987 the film was released predatorwhere a group of soldiers led by arnold schwarzenegger they face an alien in a jungle. From that moment, the monster became an icon of cinema and that is why they made many more deliveries and even epic crossovers with Alien.

Now the veteran producer John Davis reveal why predator is still so popular.

“The alien is an iconic creature. A comic monster, so to speak. Monster movies are made over and over and over and over. Look how many Dracula movies have been made. Or the Werewolf. I mean, you can go through these iconic monsters or creatures. Once you establish them, people know them, understand their mythology and want to see them again in different situations. And I think both Alien and Predator on the 20th Century Fox side are their most mythical monsters. These are the most mythical creatures of 20th Century Fox.”

The race Yautja They are known to be space hunters who love to go to Earth for human or dangerous animal prey. They are much taller and stronger than people and together with their weapons, they make them fearsome for any being in the universe they face.

The whole series:

predator (1987).

Directed by John McTiernan, it introduces us to a group of soldiers who are annihilated one by one by a technologically superior alien being. Luckily, one of them understands how he acts and discovers some weaknesses. So he can defeat him.

Predator 2 (1990).

The action moves to Los Angeles, in a very hot summer where criminal gangs are becoming more armed and more dangerous. A policeman begins to investigate who has been able to take down the bloodiest drug traffickers and begins to chase a Predator who does not make things easy for him. In the end we found an Alien skull, prompting two epic crossovers a few years later.

Alien vs. predator (2004).

This film expands the Yautja mythology, since some scientists find a pyramid under the ice of Antarctica that is actually a place where the Predators hunt Aliens, as a rite of passage. So a group of humans arrive at the scene, just as the dangerous Xenomorphs are awakened, turning the scientific discovery into a true race for survival.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007).

The story begins moments after the end of the first installment, when the Yautja ship leaves Earth, but an Alien sneaks in and kills the crew. Luckily, they can send a message just before they crash back on our planet. A lone Predator receives the transmission and heads to the crash site. Everything gets very complicated when the inhabitants of a town in the United States begin to die or be infected by the Aliens, while the Yautja goes free trying to finish off the other alien race, although he doesn’t mind killing some humans in the process. But what is clear is that if the number of Aliens gets out of control, it will be the end of life on Earth.

Predators (2010).

This movie changes something to the usual plots of the saga. Since on this occasion, a group of humans are kidnapped and thrown into a world similar to Earth to be hunted. So the protagonists must adapt to the new environment and survive the alien attacks.

The Predator (2018).

When a Yautja ship crashes on Earth and the US Government seizes its technology. This draws the attention of another Predator who intends to take everything back. But also, he tries to capture a child because he thinks his autism is a sign of evolution in the human species.

Prey (2022).

The story is set in 1719, where a group of Native Americans face a Yautja that kills all of them, except a young woman who wants to prove that she is as capable as the rest of the warriors in her village.

the whole saga predator Is available in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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Why Predator is so popular

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