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We are probably not telling you any scoop by stating that Red Dead Redemption 2 is still one of the best games ever. Yes, its controls and shooting mechanics may not be up to expectations and may be clumsy, either by design decision of rock star or for other reasons. But many of its elements are at such a high level that very few developers can even come close to competing with what the creators of GTA achieved in their latest open-world title.

For this reason, today we want to analyze in more detail why we believe that, even after no less than four years after its release, Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to be at a higher level than most games released both before and after, even with the help of much more powerful hardware.

One of the most detailed and realistic worlds ever created in a video game

We start with the jewel in the crown. There have been many (many) open world games made in recent years, some truly massive and others filled with very rich content in terms of quality, such as The Witcher 3. But none is capable of reaching the levels of immersion of Red Dead Redemption 2. The combination of its enormous graphic fidelity, the possibility of interacting with each NPC we meet, the random events and all the mechanics that Rockstar implemented with the aim of immersing us in their world, such as realistic hunting and the weapon system, they make Red Dead Redemption 2 an experience that almost feels like a simulator at times. In this game you really feel like living in the American wild west.

A story capable of competing with any movie or television series

Another of the strongest points of Red Dead Redemption 2 is its complex and elaborate plot. While this is no surprise, as Rockstar captivated us with the tragic story of John Marston in the first title, its sequel reaches even higher heights, with much more realistic and developed characters and a considerably longer duration, which allows the characters to develop at a very leisurely pace, leading to more natural and satisfying endings than in the company’s previous games. While the slow pace wasn’t to everyone’s taste, it certainly goes hand in hand with the realism of the world and the immersion of the rest of the game’s elements.

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Dozens and dozens of hours of unique, high-quality content

red dead redemption 2 It has an absolutely huge amount of content. From its very long main plot to dozens of side missions and optional activities, such as hunting or fishing, there are endless activities to do in the Rockstar Games game, and the best of all is that, unlike what happens in many other games of the genre (as is commonly attributed, for example, to Ubisoft) it almost completely lacks recycled content. Each bounty hunting mission is unique, each side quest has its own plot and characters, and even minor activities like hunting offer great variety through aspects like legendary and unique animals.

In addition, each area of ​​the game has great differences in terms of its elements, without feeling like procedural extensions of the same mapping. From the cold mountains and forests at the beginning of the game to the industrial Saint Denis, the locations are built as unique environments and different from each other, without noticing the presence of assets and recycled elements from each other.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is still one of the best games ever

These are the main elements for which we believe that red dead redemption 2 it continues to be in a league of its own as one of the best games ever. And after no less than four years since his departure, everything indicates that the situation is not close to changingAt least not until Rockstar Games knocks on the door with Grand Theft Auto VIwhich judging by the rumors and the precedents of the study, could be an even greater revolution.

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Why Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to be one of the best games ever | we are xbox

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