Wild boars, rats, pigeons, cockroaches and now a fox in the center of Cáceres

The episode with fox This Wednesday in Cáceres has not been the only one in which animals have been involved this year. So far in 2022, the urban area has been the scene of how boars they roamed freely in residential areas in search of food. The event that caused the most media significance was when at least a dozen wild pigs, including pups, sneaked into the Príncipe park enclosure. Their presence has generated controversy among citizens for months, who have demanded a solution to the overpopulation of wild boars from the council. Finally, after the Prince incident, the council gave the green light to shoot them down with arrows.

The rats

Another problem that the neighbors have denounced is the presence of rats. In recent weeks, they have been sighted on the central Paseo de Cánovas and have even sneaked into downtown businesses. In 2021 they starred in a print that generated alarm after numerous rats were found in trees in the Parque del Príncipe. In parallel, the residents of the neighborhoods have lamented the presence of cockroaches.

Rats in the park of the Prince. THE NEWSPAPER


Finally, the city council also faces the pigeon overpopulation in the historic center. A company is in charge of capturing them alive in cages and they will be used to train falcons.

pest control

The City Council of Cáceres, through the cleaning and waste management contract, Conyser, carries out urban pest management tasks in the city’s sewers and public roads throughout the year, following predictive and corrective maintenance criteria.. The Councilor for Public Services, Andrés Licerán, explained that “the pest management team, which focuses its work throughout the year on 3D (disinfection, disinsection and rat extermination), divides its work to control excess rodents into a cycle of 4 phases: planning, acting, detection and care”.

shock campaign

Preventive actions, has detailed, “They are based on a strong shock campaign four times a year, coinciding with each season in all the neighborhoods of Cáceres. The campaign is especially more intense with the arrival of the spring and autumn months for reasons of the biological cycle of rodents”. Action campaigns are divided into attack and dressing phases. In the latter, the applicators inspect the baits placed, replacing them in case there has been consumption by rodents, thus detecting possible critical areas.

However, he added “The pest management team works during the rest of the year on tasks, both maintenance and corrective action for immediate action as soon as the unwanted presence of rodents is detected, either through our scheduled inspections or through notices of the neighbors”.

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Wild boars, rats, pigeons, cockroaches and now a fox in the center of Cáceres

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