Willem Dafoe, beyond the Green Goblin from Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Green Goblin shudders Spider-Man: No Way Home. Willem Dafoe He was the first villain who fought with the wall-crawler on the big screen, but not only for that reason he is one of the public’s favorite actors.

The fame of the 66-year-old star dates back a long time, since her acting career had already been long since before 2002, when the film of the Spiderman.

Born on July 22, 1955 in Appleton, Wisconsin, the acting star has a filmography of around 143 acting credits. He also collaborated on the script for Before It Had a Namein which he starred with the actress and director Giada Greattail.

Willem Dafoe made his acting debut in 1980 in the film Heaven’s Gatewhere he was next to Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken and John Hurt.

However, he got his first leading role in 1981 with the film The Loveless. He played Vance, a motorcyclist who gets involved in a series of problems with his teammates.

Later came other feature films such as The Hunger (1983), To live and die in LA (1985), Or Platoon (1986), Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Flight on the Intruder (1991), Body of Evidence (1992), Clear and Present Danger (1994), Basquiat (nineteen ninety six), The English Patient (1996) and Lulu on the Bridge (1998).

In addition to spider-man 2002, in the new millennium it appeared in American Psycho (2000), Shadow of the Vampire (2000), finding nemo (2003), Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003), xXx: State of the Union (2005), Inside Man (2006), The Dust of Time (2008) and antichrist (2009).

Willem Dafoe also acted in My son, my son, what have you done (2009), Cirque du Freak: The vampire’s assistant (2009), Gauguin: Maker of myth (2011), The smile man (2013), Nymphomaniac: Vol II (2013), The grand budapest hotel (2014), pasolini (2014), john wick (2014)

they add up dog eat dog (2016), Murder on the Orient Express (2017) At Eternity’s Cage (2018), Aquaman (2018), The Lighthouse (2019), Siberia (2019), The Last Thing He Wanted (2020), The French Dispatch (2021) and Nightmare Alley (2021).

For 2022 the projects continue for the actor, as he will be in The Legend of Ochi, poor things Y The Northmanthe latter next to Anya Taylor-Joy, Björk and Alexander Skarsgard.

Among his recognitions are four Oscar nominationsthree of them for his work as a supporting actor (Platoon, Shadow of the Vampire and The Florida Project) and one of them for his leading role (At Eternity’s Gate), in which he gave life to the post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.

Willem Dafoe, in Spider-Man: No Way Home

The actor played for the first time in 2002 the Green Goblin on the first tape spider-man which was starred by Toby Maguire.

Fans on social networks highlighted that the actor interpreted the internal combat that this antagonist has in a great way. In his return to this role, they hope to see a performance like that again.

In an interview picked up by Film MagazineWillem Dafoe spoke about his return to what is one of the main villains of the universe of spideybut also of the condition that it put.

“Doing these physical things was important to me. In fact, one of the first things I said to Jon (Watts) and Amy (Pascal), basically when they told me about it even before there was a script, was, ‘Listen, I don’t want to just comeo there or fill in. the spaces in close-ups, I want to do the action because it amuses me”, affirmed the 66-year-old actor.

He recognized that the importance of these scenes was that from this he could create a connection with his character, which is already described on networks such as Twitter as “magnificent” and “the best villain I have seen in my life.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home will face its first weekend in theaters around the world. Experts expect that in the US and Canada it will exceed 150 million dollars in collection and worldwide, 300 million dollars.

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