Wolverine’s real brother is even more twisted than Sabretooth

Wolverine’s past has been a mystery in Marvel Comics for decades. Although X-Man’s backstory was uncovered piece by piece, the truth was much harder for Logan and his allies to understand. As these clues unraveled, a prominent foe has resurfaced since Wolverine’s debut: a sinister figure who is also one of the few members of his biological family.

Dog Logan was perhaps the first adversary Wolverine (aka James Howlett) had, a vengeful half-brother with many dangerous abilities. And unlike Sabretooth, Dog’s attacks have had a real effect over the years, giving him real power over Wolverine.

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Wolverine’s brother, Logan the dog, brought out his dark side

Dog Logan debuted in Wolverine: the origin, the 2001-2002 series by Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada and Andy Kubert. Born in the late 19th century, Dog was the son of Thomas Logan, a gardener on the wealthy Howlett estate.

Although he developed a bond with James Howlett and his friend Rose, Dog was verbally and physically abused by his father. Consequently, Dog became a brutal young man whose horrific actions led to his father’s dismissal. In an act of sheer rage, Thomas murdered James’s father, John Howlett. After witnessing the brutal act, James unsheathed his claws for the first time, killing Thomas and scarring Dog with a slash across the face.

Years later, Dog was hired to hunt down James Howlett and Rose. He quickly overpowered an exhausted James and regained his hazy memories of the traumatic night of the murders. And in turn, Dog revealed that he and James were not only half-brothers, but that James’ mother took her own life. These shocking truths infuriated James, and in the ensuing chaos, Wolverine accidentally killed Rose. James ventured into the woods, away from humanity, to embrace the animal side of himself. In short, Dog is to blame for the future, Wolverine has become more of an animal figure.

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How Wolverine’s brother Logan joined the modern Marvel Universe

Wolverine's villainous brother, Dog Logan

Dog spent years tracking down his half-brother and then tracking down Wolverine to the present day, due to time travel shenanigans in central Amazing Spider-Man and Wolverine. The dog was finally able to move. Wolverine and the X-Men #25, by Jason Aaron and Ramón Pérez. He briefly served at Hellfire Academy, but was last seen jumping into the dangerous seat, turning down the chance to reconcile with his brother.

While at Hellfire Academy, Dog even had the chance to meet Sabretooth and was unimpressed with Wolverine’s old enemy. Dog’s disappearance is one of the biggest mysteries still surviving from the days of the Jean Gray School. Kade Killgore, who traversed the dangerous siege with Dog, has been a constant presence in the modern era as one of the leaders of the Homines Verendi, the Marauders’ main enemies.

However, Dog’s whereabouts remain a true mystery and a powerful mystery. As Wolverine’s brother, his understanding and experience with Logan makes him a valuable and dangerous asset to deploy against the fearsome X-Man.

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Wolverine’s real brother is even more twisted than Sabretooth

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