‘Wonder Woman’ has one of the best scenes in superhero movies

The movie of wonder-womanby Patty Jenkins, became a surprise box office success in 2017. But in addition and according to the HBO Max documentary series One Perfect Shot in one of the films that are part of the most select in the history of cinema. The reason? One of his sequences is considered a perfect shot, not only by its director Patty Jenkins, but by various film experts. Or at least, it is the premise of one of the chapters of the anthology program directed and produced by Ava DuVernay.

DuVernay raises the vision of cinema as dynamic art and as a deep insight into pop culture. So that each one of the chapters of the program One Perfect Shot Analyze why a particular shot is dazzling. In the case of Jenkins, it’s about his ability to reformulate a genre like superhero. In addition, to provide an aesthetic, formal and conceptual sense of considerable weight to a sequence that at the time of the film’s premiere wonder-womanexcited and moved.

Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince elevated the concept of the heroic to a sense of beneficent purpose. For Jenkins, the scene in which the character crosses the so-called No Man’s Land in the midst of enemy European fringes is a declaration of intent. It is an iconic moment in the history of contemporary cinema, which holds a powerful speech about good and evil. “Wonder Woman is a hero of generations. She wanted to give that to new audiences, ”explains the director in the documentary. And furthermore, she shows the laborious process that allowed her to build a powerful and emotional speech for one of the most beloved characters in comics.

A perfect moment at the movies

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But this is not the only consideration of value that the program One Perfect Shot analyzes in Wonder Woman. In fact, a good part of its chapters are dedicated to exploring the power of cinema as a means of expression and communication tool. Based on the idea of ​​the Twitter account of the same name, the premise of the show is to tour the cinema as a phenomenon. One that can range from the emotional, to the most technical point about its conception as art.

In particular, the great scene of wonder-woman is an example of the objective of the DuVernay proposal. The sequence, which provoked long analyzes on the power of the symbolic image, arrives at the program as a detailed road map on film creation. But in addition, it allows Jenkins detail ideas and feelings they allowed him to create a sublime image. One that transcended the debates about the relevance of superhero movies and even the banality of his speech.

One Perfect Shot recreates the entire sequence — from sketch to execution — through sophisticated digital description. At the same time, it shows the context that gave Jenkins the ability to show a timeless heroine at the center of a brutal conflict. The combination between memories, references and research from the director, as well as an extraordinary production team, resulted in an amazing moment. “It’s about Diana’s affirmation as a hero,” Jenkins says of the set. “It’s also an act of power and hope, it was what I wanted for her.”

A long journey to the heroism of Wonder Woman

For its director, the sequence that shows the wonder-woman of Diana Prince walking through bullets and bombs, is an act of faith. Also, a demonstration of the power of cinema to be unforgettable. One Perfect Shot It is not just a journey through the secrets of cinema as art and technique.

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It is also a tribute to personal ideas capable of sustaining a look towards the future and transcendence. Even if they come from seemingly trivial places like superhero movies. Perhaps the highest and most moving point of this journey through cinema as a collective experience.

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‘Wonder Woman’ has one of the best scenes in superhero movies

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