Yes, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is the return of the real Wall-crawler

There is one issue that gets little attention in superhero comic book adaptations, and that is their serial narrative. It is becoming a less nuclear characteristic due to the progressive transformation of the comic-book format into fascicles organized in arcs that can then be sold in comfortable covers. But the Internet, specialty stores and the fandom’s own habits have allowed the serialized narrative to remain a nuclear part of the superhero myth.

I mean, in the life of superheroes there are big events, of course. Cosmic threats that force all the heroes of a publishing house to join forces. Resets that make the writers have to reinvent (but not much) the thousand times told origin stories. But also They are small adventures, lasting a handful of numbers (or less), which serve, month after month, to establish the identity of the hero..

In the case of Spider-Man, what turned the Vulture (incarnated in ‘Homecoming’ with overwhelming humanity and considerable backlash by Michael Keaton) into the mythical nemesis of the Wall-crawler, as well as happened with others who have passed through his head as Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin or Electro, It was not a unique, luxurious and spectacular confrontation, but a combat, and another, and anothermonth after month, together or separately, for years.

In those fights, The Vulture, Electro or The Sandman were, in fact, petty criminals brought to life by supernatural powers or technology, not sociopaths or megalomaniacs. That made the reader happy when, after exchanging a few punches, Spidey simply let the police take them away, go to prison, get out in no time and start all over again, honoring that serial format.

Thanks to ‘Homecoming’, both the Avengers and Spider-Man regain the positions they had in the comics.

For better or worse, many readers identify the superhero narrative with this rhythm. Every fight and every plot twist doesn’t have to be The Ultimate Adventure. It is enough that the one that plays this month is exciting and fun enough. And while we still need larger-than-life superhero movies, we also need inconsequential, fast-paced, carefree adventures that don’t always take themselves too seriously. That is, thanks to ‘homecoming’, the Avengers on one side and Spider-Man on the other take the position they often had in the comics. Save the known universe vs. save the neighborhood

Spider-Man, friendlier and more neighborly than ever

Indeed, it’s that closeness that sets “Homecoming” apart from the rest of the “Spider-Man” movies seen so far. All of them, some better (‘Spider-Man 2’), others worse (‘Amazing 2’), others still better for the wrong reasons (‘Spider-Man 3’), they focused on more or less faithfully replicating the character’s powers, clothing, and traits that until now were written in stone (the urban environments, the inevitable secondary ones, the origin).

‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ makes the wise and logical decision to give up explaining again how Peter Parker acquires his powers (which may seem obvious at this point, but… are you sure that in the next Batman movie you’re not going to see a pearl necklace falling to the ground in slow motion?), and that gives it the desired tone of in half res from any regular collection of a character… but without leaving anyone out of the party.

Of course it’s appropriate to have seen other Marvel Universe movies before tackling ‘Homecoming’ (especially the Avengers installment where this incarnation of the character made its glorious first appearance, cleverly quoted, from a parallel perspective… but without giving it much importance), but it is not an essential toll. Just know that Spider-Man is a hero and sticks to walls.

‘Homecoming’ does not give importance to its own mythology: he tiptoes around the spider-sense, Aunt May’s widowhood and the trauma caused by Parker’s heroism. On the one hand, it is taken for granted; on the other hand, ‘Homecoming’ knows that it is telling such a trivial story that all of this would not fit with the light tone of the film, where Iron Man is a parody and people do not take off their masks at the climax of each scene because that’s how send the script

Is for all this ‘Homecoming’ a disposable or secondary film within the Marvel mythology? No, and therein lies its true greatness: thanks to the carefully linked script, the charisma of Tom Holland, the decidedly youthful atmosphere of everything (from the OST to the credits), Parker’s youthful adventures are inconsequential but have an impact on the viewer. As in the original comics, a love affair in high school has a dramatic scope.

The importance of humor


‘Homecoming’, despite the presence of the Avengers as an invisible presence that flies over the plot, has more elements in common with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, although it lacks the setting of space opera of this. Like the two great James Gunn movies, ‘Homecoming’ knows that lightness does not imply disregarding its charactersand in fact this Peter Parker is more flesh and blood than his predecessors wearing pajamas.

‘Homecoming’ knows how to respect the continuity of the Marvel movies while also knowing when to dodge it.

It’s more: there is an aspect in which ‘Homecoming’ even beats the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Gunn’s films are infinitely freer, they fly away from a Marvel Universe against which they will end up colliding… and then we’ll see if his anarchic tone does not work against him. But ‘Homecoming’ is forced to be embedded in a predefined Universe, with rules and concrete continuity (although he also knows how to take it lightly), and knows how to respect it while exhibiting his own absolutely captivating personality.

Jon Watts’ movie brims fan service and winks (it is possibly the MCU movie that overflows with more tributes and easter eggs -our favorites are all Michelle and the way of suggesting a future for Miles Morales-), but at the same time it is very accessible for the average viewer who did not understand why someone with such powers was so downcast by life. ‘Homecoming’ is quite possibly a very specific kind of movie that fans of the character deserved.

To make a comparison, it is similar to the move that The CW is making with the DC universe on television: ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’, ‘Arrow’… without giving up their implicit superheroic epic, but without forgetting that they are comic characters. Between the bombastically youthful and the devastatingly iconic. ‘Homecoming’ is more important than she realizes, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a fatal fan of Spider-Man to perceive it.

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Yes, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is the return of the real Wall-crawler

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