Yes, there are medical hours: They warn that the Health Centers are available, but the patients do not know where they are | Digital medium The Northern Fox

· Given the increase in demand, specialists in outpatient health management affirm that, given the pressure for consultations with professionals from various areas, it is important to communicate and reach users in a timely manner with the appointments that are available.

The number of doctors and health professionals is not enough. The limited availability of care hours is one of the most commented problems among patients in recent years, which, according to experts, is complex to solve from the perspective of the provider, since we must do it from what the patient is really looking for: be served on time and without waiting. What is even more difficult today, when the pressure of demand is greater than what existed before the pandemic.

Given this situation, the Chilean Startup Snabb seeks to provide a concrete solution to both users and medical centers. Its technology allows patients to choose who to see and where, thanks to the fact that it displays, based on the patient’s location, different professionals and hours of medical centers available in more and more cities, with different specialties.

“One of the problems historically resigned is the absence of standardized and integrated information to facilitate the patient’s decision, which is due to the fragmentation of the offer with multiple scheduling systems, based on various isolated websites or the existence of numbers unanswered phones, totally frustrating the search experience; causing the patient to end up indefinitely postponing his appointment, compromising his health status over time, which even risks unleashing the chronicity of his health status, ”says Renato Pino, CEO & Founder of Snabb .

Thought for the patient

From the startup they explain that the great novelty is that with the Snabb platform, people can access, from a single access point, various health centers with both face-to-face and teleconsultation services, being able to choose based on location parameters and schedule, the best alternative for attention.

The idea is “to be able to trigger meetings in real time, allowing to reserve the hours of attention that are free, or to make them move, to notify and find patients who are waiting, through a simple and agile experience. We are obsessed with continuous improvement, to empathize with the needs of the patient, whom we need to support and provide fluid navigation through a health system that is thankless, mainly due to its low integration. It is one of the reasons why we will soon enable a Web Bonus for Fonasa affiliates, associated with booking the appointment, so that it can be paid in a couple of clicks”, indicates Dr. Andrés Cordero, director of Experience and Public Affairs of the startup. To which he adds the invitation to “move from a traditional logic of static scheduling, based on the fact that the patient must wait his turn, to a completely dynamic model, where the patient can be informed of opportunities to be attended earlier with hours that are created or released by cancellations of other users; which benefits the system as a whole, because we seek to use the maximum available capacity, every day”.

To access Snabb as a patient, all you have to do is have a device connected to the internet, as it works free of charge through any browser, in addition to having an app available on Android and Apple. And the Health Centers that want to be part of the model, if they have any of the scheduling software that is already integrated, they just have to activate it and start exposing their available hours automatically, under a model of micro-charges for effective assistance from the patients. “It is a transparent, friendly and frictionless model for all its users,” says Dr. Andrés Cordero.

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Yes, there are medical hours: They warn that the Health Centers are available, but the patients do not know where they are | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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