You have 3 weeks to watch on Netflix Spectacular Spider-Man, his best series

The best Spider-Man series will stop being available on Netflix in less than 1 month, so run to see Spectacular Spider-Man.

Netflix, the streaming giant, has a large number of science fiction and superhero series and movies in its catalogue. Among all these works, we find a few related to Spider-Man, such as the movies Spider-Man Homecoming and Far From Home, Venombelonging to the universe of Sony, and the acclaimed animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

However, today we are here to talk about a different series, somewhat older than the ones mentioned above and probably the best of all the wall-climbing productions. Although, it is true that it may not be the absolute best, at least, it is we can say that it sneaks into the podium among all the series and movies that we have seen so far of the character.

Yes, the series we are talking about is ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’, which will leave Netflix on December 15, so, to refresh it, or in the event that you have not seen it, convince you to enjoy it. this great adaptation, then we will talk about it. We will do a general review, without spoilers, we will talk about all its virtues, its failures and the possibility of seeing a continuation of the series.

The Spectacular Spider-Man, why you should watch this series on Netflix while you can?

This series premiered in March 2008, and ran for two seasons, until episode 26, or 13 of the second season, originally aired in November 2009, which was the last time we could enjoy the play. As for its actors, We must highlight Josh Keaton, who voiced Spider-Man in the original version, and JK Simmons, the well-known actor who played the director of the Daily Bugle both in the Tobey Maguire trilogy and in the most recent Tom Holland trilogy.

A part of the wall-climbing fandom considers this series as the best of Spider-Man, and even as his best audiovisual production, putting it above the works that usually occupy the first position in this ranking, such as Spider-Man 2 or Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And why is it so good? Well, due to a wide variety of factors, both objective and subjective, but, above all, since it presents the best adaptation of Spider-Man that has been made so far in the audiovisual field.


This version of Spider-Man combines, perfectly and being considerably faithful to the comics by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, all the characteristics of the three main versions of the character in the cinema. It has the youth and love affairs of Tom Holland, adds the geek, science and drama part of Andrew Garfield, and completes the mix with the sense of responsibility and the evil fate of Tobey Maguire..

It is true that the fact of being a series, having a longer duration, and also animated, eliminating the handicap of age and special effects, makes Spectacular play with a certain advantage. But also We must admit that he knows how to take advantage of all these aspects, because they could easily turn against him, having a bad acting, having a bad animation or not developing the characters correctly. And it also adds a lot to that incredible opening, spectacular in equal parts in terms of music and images.


Is it possible that there will be a third season of Spectacular Spider-Man?

Since its finale, there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a third season. Y, The truth is that this new batch of episodes was a reality for a while. However, the purchase of Marvel by Disney and the conflicts with the producer that owns the rights to Spider-Man, Sony, erased this possibility from the map.

It is a real shame, given the quality and affection that fans have been showing since its premiere. Hopefully the alliance between Sony and Marvel Studios will lead to a new sequel to the work. Although, this seems rather implausible, and more after learning a few days ago that Spider-Man: Freshman Year could be in dangerhow do we tell you here.

And you, dear reader, Are you going to refresh the series before it gets pulled from Netflix or are you going to give it a go for the first time? Do you think they should make a new season? You can tell us at social networkswhere you can follow us if you want to know the latest science fiction and fantasy news.

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You have 3 weeks to watch on Netflix Spectacular Spider-Man, his best series

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