You won’t believe how this goose defends its young against a fox attack


  goose defends chickens from fox attack
goose defends chickens from fox attack

The curious images have been published in the mouse11221’s Tik Tok account.

A print not usual with an unexpected ending. Onscreen two geese accompanying their young in a small pond when the fox approaches until them. The fox begins to move around the water trying to enter for what could have been an easy catch, however, one of the geese stands up to him and prevents him from approaching to the kids. Do not miss the pictures.

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father goose vs a fox

It it would have been more normal for the foxas merely cheeky and cunning animals that they are, went directly into the pond to capture the little ones and eat them. Nevertheless, He doesn’t even dare put a paw in the water.

One of the geese spreads its wings and begins to face him. to the fox, who stands up and scared he dare not mess with him. An unexpected ending in which the battle without violence, the goose has managed to win by far.

The Value of a White-fronted Goose

The bird that gallantly defends its young is a white-fronted goosealso know as white-faced goose. It is a kind of goose that, as its name suggests, has a white spot that surrounds its beak. It has a size between 64 and 81 centimeters in length and up to 165 in wingspan, which makes them a powerful and intimidating barrier against predators, as we see in the video.

What do foxes eat?

The fox is an opportunistic animal that feeds on practically anything, it is good as a food source both the carrion, such as eggs, smaller prey items, and even the eggs of birds.

Their diet is mainly based on small animals, lizards, mice, rats, rabbits and hares, although they also feed on fruits, bird eggs, insects and other birds.

Foxes and the damage they cause to livestock

however, though this game has been won by the goosein Club de Caza we have seen how the fox is capable of attacking species of its size and larger how are the sheep and their lambs. In certain cases, they have attacked sheep, ending their lives by biting them mainly on the head and neck.

A fox killed when killing a lamb belonging to a farmer from Extremadura.

It is for these reasons that the fox population control is vital importance since how could know this newsroom and even check it in personthe fox, wreaks havoc on livestock farms where it finds food easily.

Close-up of the fangs of the fox. On the right, the device used to manage fox populations.

Do not miss it

The fox is a hunting animal by nature that usually gets away with it thanks to its cunning. That is why it manages to easily attack a number of animals to feed on them later.

This is how a mother fox teaches her cubs how to hunt

This impressive video takes us to witness how two young foxes accompany their mother during a search for possible prey.

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Attacks on lambs in Extremadura: Mongooses, wild boars, lynxes, foxes?

A farmer denounces the death of six lambs in strange circumstances in Cáceres. The owner of the animals points to the mongoose plague that the area suffers or to the lynxes as those responsible for the death of the cattle, while other farmers indicate that these attacks are the work of foxes.

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A fox kills his dog when he was walking down the street after biting him in the ribs

The woman was passing through the area in the afternoon like every day when the fox appeared aggressively attacking them.

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  fox kills dog
fox kills dog

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You won’t believe how this goose defends its young against a fox attack

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