Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman prepares for war with this spectacular Lis.Wonder cosplay

With a unique look within what we had seen, Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman has laid some foundations and cosplayer Lis.Wonder has left us this incredible result

the moment that a comic or a novel is adapted to the big screen allows us to observe another point of view of the characters that we have loved so much when we enjoy the original work. It is true that in the comics we are presented in more detail the way in which its protagonists aresince the descriptions of the novels always leave a glimpse to the reader’s imagination, but still their adaptations in live action they continue to talk about.

If we have to talk about a comic book publisher that has had a great reception in its adaptations We have to talk about Marvel, but today we have to focus on the case of its rival for many years: DC Comics. The truth is that his future in the cinema is not as promising as that of the big M, although with the recent rumors that Henry Cavill may return as Superman, another rooster will crow. However, today we have to focus on a character who Zack Snyder introduced us in his movies.

Although later this character would have his own tape, Wonder Woman was introduced in the second movie which starred Superman and this made clear the appearance and the tint that the Amazon would have. In this way, she was observed a very particular appearance and it seems that the cosplayer Lis.Wonder has wanted to emulate her but giving it a different touch, very close to that of the rival he had in his individual film.

Wonder Woman as a goddess of war, so would we have seen it in the DCEU?

First, before we get into this, we have to put in situation what we are seeing, since the cosplayer we are going to talk about has a tremendous resemblance to the actress Gal Gadot. In this way, we can see in the images that you have uploaded that it is much more spectacular all the work that has been markedsince it totally looks like a double that could appear in the tapes or the actress herself who gives life to the Amazon.

We are talking about Lis.Wonder a latin cosplayermore specifically from Guatemala, according to his description and name on Twitter that has left us spectacular works on social networks, especially on TikTok, from dc comics characters. Obviously, and the reason we’re here, is the incredible similarity that features with Wonder Womanof which he disguised himself at the end of last year and left us this incredible result that sure many overlooked.

No, it’s not Gal Gadot, but there are perspectives in which it could totally become and that is something that looks spectacularly well. You can see that it is a suit similar to the one in the character’s movies but wearing god of war battle armor that could be seen of his rival Ares in the solo tape. The result is very interesting and I would totally give the hit to see it in the universe that Zack Snyder raised at Warner.

What do you think of this Wonder Woman cosplay for another DC Comics movie?

We just mentioned it and it is that It wouldn’t be so crazy to see this version of the character within the DC Comics movies. Obviously, this could be quite complicated considering the reception that the second installment of Wonder Woman had and what it seems that the future holds for everything that has to do with DC Comics in the cinema, but everything is a mystery and it seems that, right now, anything could happen.

While we’re waiting for these types of situations can be seen on the big screenwe are going to have to settle for the great work that cosplayers do, since it is not the first time that we have seen this type of results on the web by fans who they just want to honor something that has made them enjoy so much. We encourage you to share with us what you think of this cosplay and to comment on whether it would be viable for the future of DC.

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Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman prepares for war with this spectacular Lis.Wonder cosplay

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